Adele becomes a trending topic on social media as she hints at her upcoming return to the music scene after her indefinite hiatus.

The fans have anticipated this moment since forever, and now the 15-time Grammy winner might be preparing for the release of her long-awaited studio album. Of course, Adele ending her 6-year break with a new era and possibly a new genre is exciting.

The singer surprised her fans when she tweeted out a simple "Hiya babes!" on the social media platform on Monday, and it was in reply to Twitter's official account E! reported.

  The post already got everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for any kind of announcement, which never came. However, the singer followed up her tweet by changing the layout of all her socials including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Speculations About Adele's Return

According to sources, rumors about Adele's come back began after Canadian radio DJ Mauler brought attention to the singer with his tweet saying, "New Adele. This Week." The post was deleted but was never forgotten by fans as they kept an eye out for any sign.

On October 1st, Billboard had released an article mentioning the "Rolling in The Deep" singer and her album titled "30," which further fueled the speculations. The publication reported that the number had appeared several times across different cities and global landmarks as a supposed publicity stunt.

The British artist has yet to confirm any of these speculations, preferring to reveal her cards one by one and keeping everyone on their toes.

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Adele Trends on Twitter

Adele's sudden engagement on Twitter resulted in her name trending on the app as people connected her sudden activeness as an album hint. It caused even official radio stations accounts to fangirl over her as UK-based Hits Radio quote tweeted her post saying, "ADELE IS ONLINE. WE REPEAT ADELE IS ONLINE!!"

Meanwhile, proud fans of the musician are in awe of her popularity "Adele literally has the world in a chokehold. She literally doesn't have to lift a finger and everything she does becomes a global event."

  Adele herself must have been shocked after finding out her previous albums have entered Billboard's chart once again after years of its release. "Adele's album '21' re-enters this week's #Billboard200 chart at No. 198 hours after Adele's changer her social media layouts!" one fan account reported.

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