It's already Monday, but people still can't get over Kim Kardashian's "Saturday Night Live" debut over the weekend.

Former haters of the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star have now changed their minds about her after watching her on the show.

It was her first time on the show, and she definitely came in hot, with her savage and shocking monologue roasting and throwing comedic jabs at her family members and even Kanye West.

However, it seems like one of the most talked-about sketches was the KKW Beauty mogul kissing SNL veteran Pete Davidson in their "Aladdin" skit.

In the clip, Davidson could be seen on a magic carpet wearing an Aladdin getup, while Kardashian wore a Princess Jasmine ensemble.

Davidson confessed that he's worried about having intercourse with the princess and started telling the princess she thinks that he's scared and concerned because she's the daughter of a sultan, while he's only a "lonely street rat."

Davidson then gets around to finally telling Kardashian his feelings, saying, "As we start getting more intimate, I'm just a little concerned that physically I can't handle you."

He insinuated that if they go all the way and "you might break me. Like my thing, it might just break."

But later on, Davidson called on a Genie to help him out and asked for bigger manhood.

He then shows it off to Kardashian before she says, "That is better, even though it's the wrong color."

At the end of the sketch, they shared a passionate kiss that left viewers in shock.

"How TF does Pete Davidson keeps winning? He dated Ariana Grande and now he just kissed Kim K," one Twitter user said.

However, what does Kardashian's ex-husband Kanye West have to say about that short but intimate moment?

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Kanye West's Real Feelings on Kim Kissing Pete

Fans were first afraid that the "Jesus Is King" rapper may be upset with Kardashian's on-screen kiss with Davidson.



However, an insider told The Sun that he was very supportive of Kardashian and thought she was hilarious in her SNL debut.

An insider revealed that West was "completely fine" and "has no hurt feelings whatsoever" about the SKIMS creator kissing Davidson.

In fact, "she told him about it before the show and he thought it was really funny."

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