Steve Harwell is currently trending on TikTok when "Smash Mouth's" chaotic performance was posted on the social media platform. In one moment, he threatened the crowd's family that he would kill them.

In the video posted by a user named doesthisfeelgood, Harwell can be seen disassociated, intoxicated, and singing unclearly.

According to Bro Bible, the event happened at The Big Sip Festival at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York.

"I did just see Smash Mouth perform live at a local beer and wine festival, when I say this is the most chaotic show I have ever seen in my entire life, I have no words." The user said in her intro. (watch the full video below)

 @doesthisfeelgoodthe most chaotic show I’ve ever been to ##smashmouth ##heynow ##allstar ##shrekisloveshrekislife  ♬ original sound - Haley 

Aside from the issues mentioned above, the band's set also had a lot of mic feedback. The crowd cannot understand any of Harwell's words as he had unintelligible speech. At one point, he flipped off the crowd and shouted, "f*** you b*****!"

In the last part of the video, Harwell said, "I will f****** kill your family I swear to god."

The video amassed a million views, over 187 thousand likes, and thousands of comments.

At the time of this writing, "Smash Mouth" has not publicly commented on the matter.

Not The First Chaotic Performance From 'Smash Mouth'

In the comment section, a user named Teddy Lerch said: "Smash Mouth" also performed in his town for Sweet Corn Festival a few years ago.

He claims that the band stopped singing midway through a song, and two people escorted Harwell out of the stage, and they never performed again.

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"now the town doesn't get 'big' acts because this wasted big $$$," Lerch wrote.

Aside from cutting their show, the user said Harwell also asked the crowd who smokes cannabis despite the audience being composed of children and their parents.

Steve Harwell Recently Suffered From An Alarming Health Condition

Last week, "Smash Mouth's" representative spoke to TMZ, saying Harwell's body isn't doing great because of his cardiomyopathy and heart failure problems.

His condition hindered him from performing in a few shows. A temporary vocalist replaced him during his absence, but he's back on track as he's now performing again throughout the US.

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