Questions whether R. Kelly will rot inside the jail for the rest of his life or not began to swirl online.

Before his New York trial happened, R. Kelly had already spent nearly three years behind bars. With the recent verdict against him during his conviction in New York City, the disgraced singer received 10 more years in prison.

On top of that, he also suffers from three to seven years imprisonment for each of the 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse in Cook County, Illinois. Since it is a separate case, R. Kelly may find himself spending the rest of his life behind bars.

However, the WBEZ Chicago brought some light on R. Kelly's part as it confirmed how the overlapping elements in Chicago and New York could cut down his prison service.

Despite that, one of his attorneys in Chicago believes that the client may never walk free outside the prison again.

Steve Greenberg told Billboard how US district court Judge Donnelly would do anything to ensure R. Kelly never gets out of jail.

"Chicago case probably won't ever go to trial," he said. "We'll work out a concurrent plea or something like that. He's going to get launched."

This resonated with R. Kelly's other Chicago-based lawyer, Michael Leonard. He revealed that the singer would face a lengthy sentence from the judge during the next May appearance for the formal sentencing.

What Can R. Kelly Do To Free Himself From Prison?

While R. Kelly already faces years behind bars, Chicago journalist Jim DeRogatis shared his opinion during his appearance on music podcast Popcast.

Per DeRogatis, R. Kelly may follow other high-flying stars who have been convicted with the same cases. However, the singer needs to deal with another problem if he takes on that path - money.

The journalist noted that the R&B singer is currently broke as he no longer earns after entering the prison. R. Kelly has since been banned from holding tours. His two official YouTube channels no longer earn, as well, as they have been permanently disabled following the New York verdict.

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All his finances also hit rock bottom, according to Crain's Chicago Business.

With the current state of his finances, it is implausible R. Kelly would be able to pay for a top-tier defense that could help him get out of prison.

The singer's future remains dim, but his lawyers hope - at least - to decrease his prison sentence.

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