Jesy Nelson is "devastated." She felt like she was betrayed by a family member, after all.

Reportedly, she cannot believe that her former bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock sparked racial hatred and a new wave of intense trolling towards her, when at one point in the past, she used to view her like family. Nelson is sharing how sad and frustrated she is to her other friends, allegedly. 

"Little Mix versus Jesy row" has overshadowed the release of the singer's debut solo track with Nicki Minaj and P Diddy, and this uspet her, ccording to sources close to her, who spoke to MailOnline. 

A TikTok user named No Hun received stolen emails from Leigh-ex-girlfriend Anne's asking him to promote Jesy's "blackfishing" during a live broadcast with Nicki on Monday, and the rapper used the opportunity to defend Jesy, accusing her former comrades of being envious and calling them "clowns." 

It's been revealed by MailOnline that Jesy was taken completely off guard by all the comments, and that she alleged that she has no control over Nicki went about defending her. In addition, she knows exactly what the word "blackfishing" means: it refers to someone who is white but pretends to have black ancestry. 

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More than the backlash she received, she's more heartbroken by the fact that Leigh-Anne, 30, helped arrange further harassment and abuse against her over this issue. More so when Jesy already claimed in her 2019 BBC Three documentary Odd One Out that she attempted suicide amid relentless trolling. 

Allegedly, the now solo singer cannot believe the reason why she left Little Mix in the first place is happening once more. "Jesy is turning to friends for support during this time as the trolling which so badly affected her during her Little Mix days has come back in a big way - and that's one of the reasons why she left the band in the first place," a source said. 

Instead of being a joyous occasion, it's become polluted by what's seemed like a personal assault on her part. 

Little Mix and Jesy Nelson's reps have been contacted but are yet to give comments. 

The source explained, "It's now become a Little Mix vs Jesy storyline, when ultimately the band and Jesy have always stood for anti-bullying so it's a shame to see this taking such a sour turn." The source added, "Jesy has been saddened to hear that somebody she once referred to as 'family' has been encouraging online hate towards her, and whilst she appears in a much better head space after going solo, friends and family are checking in with her daily to make sure she's okay."

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