Since Adele has announced that she will be releasing a new album this 2021, fans have been really excited and highly looking forward to it.

She has already released a new single, "Easy On Me," part of her upcoming album. The song topped the charts in the UK and the US, racking up more than 34 million views on YouTube in less than 20 hours.

Adele's Bestselling Album in the UK

Adele's other album, "21," was recently reported as the biggest selling UK album ever.

According to BBC Radio 2 host Jo Whiley, "Adele has enchanted us from the very beginning with her voice, her songs and her personality."

"Radio 2 is proud to support National Album Day by celebrating this year's theme of Women in Music playing tracks from female artists all day."

Adele's "21," released in 2011, achieved more than 5 million sales, following closely by Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black," with over 3.9 million albums sold.

Adele's "21" album sold over 31 million copies worldwide, and her "23" album sold over 22 million copies.

However, this year, she will be contending once again with Ed Sheeran, as the "Thinking Out Loud" hitmaker is also reportedly set to release a new album this 2021 as well.

Adele Reacts to Ed Sheeran Releasing His Album A Few Weeks From Each Other

Adele spoke about her new album in an interview with I Heart Radio and learned that Ed Sheeran would be dropping his ahead of hers in the same interview.

When she was asked if she was panicking about the new info, the Grammy-winning hitmaker said, "Oh, I ain't panicking."

The 33-year-old laughed and joked, "He can panic."

Adding further about her actual rival and dear friend, the "Rolling In The Deep" singer said, "I love Ed. And I really love his wife, Cherry."

Ed Sheeran's "=" album will be released on Oct. 29, 2021.


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Adele' 30' Album Release Date

Adele's album "30" has a release date of Nov. 19, 2021. She announced the date in an Instagram post.

She described the album as a "maze of absolute mess and inner turmoil" and that some of the songs are about the struggles through her divorce.

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