It has been another day for the fans as they went wild for Harry Styles giving fan service on his "Love On Tour" in Connecticut gig, and it is unique this time.

The singer has been known for taking requests from fans in the crowd, with their cards raised throughout the concert. In fact, during his solo gig in the Mohegan Sun Arena, Styles spotted a girl holding a card that said, "Help me come out. Wave my flag."

And for the 27-year-old songwriter's response, he asked, "Anyone particular you'd like to come out to?"

'She's Out!'

He also added a follow-up question and said, "Is it for yourself? When I raise this flag you're officially out, heard that's how it works! She's oooout!" Styles waved the flag and screamed at the top of his lungs, which also made the fans scream as well.

Many have praised the "Watermelon Sugar" singer for what he had done on that Saturday night, October 23. They even described the moment as "beautiful" and iconic by the fans themselves.

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Fan Service King

Not only did Harry Styles let a fan come out while he was on stage, but there was also one time where he did a gender reveal for a pregnant fan midway through his show.

Back when he was performing in Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, he spotted the woman with a sign that said, "I'm having a baby. Please make it your business..."

  Another poster urged him to "open the results," which he agreed to do. He made the audience do a countdown before dropping to his knees. He announced, "It's a baby girl."

In September, he also gave love advice for one of his fans in the middle of his Minnesota stop, per Seventeen. One lucky fan had a poster with a "Should I text him" statement written on it, which made the singer stop performing. In return, the "Golden" singer asked, "I have a question: Is he nice to you?"

The crowd began to boo when the fan's friend said that the guy in reference wasn't nice. "In my opinion, if you should [text him], this isn't even a question," he responded.

"If you're wondering if we're playing games? If you're wondering, should I text him? Should I not text him? Can't text him too soon. And now I'm thinking about double-texting; that's a whole risky business... It's a whole thing," he also added.

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