Is Simon Cowell jobless?

The well-known TV and music executive is said to have stood down and given away one of his recent top positions.

However, this does not imply that he will lose his job.

Simon Cowell is no longer a very big part of 'Walk the Line.'

For a very obvious reason, Simon Cowell has handed over his new TV show to Gary Barlow.

Barlow will take over as the face of Cowell's latest TV endeavor, but that doesn't mean he'll leave the program entirely.

Instead, he'll take on a more behind-the-scenes role.

"This is a circumstance where I have decided it is right for me to focus on my position as the Creator and Producer as we build up to the tremendously exciting launch," the 62-year-old Brit explained his decision.

"Gary's musical pedigree is second to none - and we have known one other for a long time now-so I am glad he is picking up the baton for me for the first season of "Walk The Line," he went on to say about his replacement.

"I'm confident he'll do an outstanding job."

Why Did Simon Cowell Quit His Position?

Simon Cowell, according to The Sun, is reducing his duties to spend more time with his partner, Lauren Silverman, and their son, Eric.

"Given all the changes of the past year or so, what with lockdown and his health," an insider told the site, "he's decided now is not the time to be front of camera."

Cowell recently completed an exceptionally hectic filming season, which required him to spend a significant amount of time away from his family, according to the insider.

He now wishes to spend more time with his family.

"Simon wants to help steer the ship from behind the scenes so he can ensure the series runs to his exacting demands."

Simon Cowell, meantime, has only recently recovered from a serious accident involving an electric bike accident last year.


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What Does It Mean to 'Walk the Line'?

According to reports, Simon Cowell's upcoming series, which will premiere on UK television channel ITV, would be a musical version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."

For a chance to win $683,747 in prize money, players will sing their hearts out.

If the candidate chooses to compete again the following week, they will have a better chance of winning a larger monetary award.

"We wanted to build a show that would provide the competitors a life-changing monetary award if they won," Simon Cowell said of the show.

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