Fans of Jesy Nelson are dissatisfied after seeing her first solo concert since leaving Little Mix in December 2020.

The 30-year-old singer performed her debut single, "Boyz," live on "The Graham Norton Show."

Fans, on the other hand, were eager to point out on social media that the British musician wasn't singing at all, but rather "miming" throughout her performance.

One person even noted how she sounded "out of breath" in the parts she actually sang live.

A second person wrote on Twitter, "Baaaad miming!"

Another Twitter user accused, "So Jesy Nelson goes solo and starts lip syncing."

"Imagine lip syncing your first live performance," one person said, while another wondered, "What is the point of Jesy Nelson going on Graham Norton's show and doing the worst lip syncing I've seen in a long time?"

Another person pointed out, "Jesy Nelson quit Little Mix because she couldn't handle being in the limelight, then went solo, then decided to lip sync on her first tv appearance."

She was also mocked and compared to another famous TV show's activity, saying, "Watching Jenny Nelson on Graham Norton, she is lip syncing for her life like she is in a drag race."


Jesy Nelson's First Solo Performance

As her name flashed in lights in the background, Jesy Nelson looked stunning as she commanded the stage with male backing dancers.

The former "X Factor" winner was dressed in a black leather jacket with matching pants.

She wore purple sneakers and her golden blonde hair was styled in a poker straight.

The song "Boyz" by Jesy Nelson was released in early October and quickly rose to the fourth spot on the UK Singles Chart.

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Jesy Nelson Urged To Stay Away from Social Media.

Following her success in releasing a single, Jesy Nelson's company has reportedly instructed her to stop trolling on social media networks.

This occurred in the midst of the blackfishing scandal.

Jesy has already spoken out about how terrible trolling has harmed her career, but she now just logs into her social media sites to share fan videos before logging out.

A source told The Sun, "The trolling she's faced in the past and its effect on her is no secret, so it's not an exaggeration to say she's terrified of putting a foot wrong-sadly, the past few weeks have taken their toll."

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