The status of Britney Spears' conservatorship is spreading like wildfire on social media as her lawyer allegedly demands all "electronic surveillance" removed from the star's personal space.

A tweet made by Pop Base is garnering attention as reports of the "Toxic" singer's legal battle with her father is taking on a new course even after the judge assigned to the case ruled in her favor in the suspension of her conservatorship from Jamie Spear.

According to the social media account, Britney's attorney has been requesting "all documents and communications related to the surveillance of the singer throughout her conservatorship," which apparently may include the "electronic surveillance, monitoring, cloning, or recording" of Spears.

Is Britney Really Free?

In the official appeal submitted by Matthew Rosengart in court, the lawyer stated the existence of recording and listening devices in the pop stars home, specifically her bedroom, and demanded the confiscation of these items as well as any kind of documentation related to this.

  As for the "cloning" part of the appeal, it pertains to "the activity of Britney Jean Spears' personal telephone, including but not limited to to the surveillance, monitoring, cloning, iCloud mirroring, or recording of calls, emails, text messages, internet browser use or history, and social media use or direct messages on social media."

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Britney Spears' Lawyer Pushes On

Sources reported that Rosengart has no intention of letting go of this case so easily with just the suspension of the older Spears. Based on this article, the attorney suspects that the older Spears had wanted to avoid further investigation on his 13-year conservatorship arrangement with her daughter after being summoned for "formal discovery and sworn deposition" by Britney's legal counsel in October.

The celebrity lawyer also requested "extensive information" about the $60 million estate of the Spears family. Other than that, he also asked for the names of all the involved parties who exploited and profited off of his client during those thirteen years.

Rosengart had also mentioned the participation of Tri-Star Sport & Entertainment Group in the whole ordeal as the founder and CEO of the company, Lou Taylor, is known to be a longtime friend and former business manager of Spears.

Jamie Spears had been earning a $16,000 monthly income and "a sizeable percentage of any business deal" from his daughter during the years of his conservatorship supervision.

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