Since the loss of her spouse, Rene Angelil, Celine Dion has been sparking severe health issues.

The Grammy Award-winning singer has been making headlines for her frail appearance, which she claims is due to heredity.

Fans, though, couldn't help but be concerned about Celine's health.

And now, according to the National Enquirer, her Las Vegas residency and comeback tour have been put on hold due to "ominous" health issues.

Is Celine Dion OK?

Many people were surprised to learn that Celine Dion's performances had to be postponed due to severe and persistent muscle spasms.

The "My Heart Will Go On" singer told her fans in a social media post, "I'm heartbroken by this. My team and I have been working on our new show for the past eight months, and to not be able to open this November saddens me beyond words."

However, the singer's weight of 95 pounds may be the reason for the postponement.

According to the magazine, sources close to Celine were concerned that her weight loss might lead to a catastrophic breakdown as she prepared for a grueling tour.

"Her diet is dreadful," a source told the newspaper, "she works out with trainers seven days a week and does endless hours of dance."

Celine's health concerns, according to a doctor who spoke to the National Enquirer, are also linked to her terrifyingly thin figure.

"Malnutrition and dehydration can often be factors behind muscle spasms."

If the 53-year-old Canadian singer is suffering from severe spasms, it might take three months or more to recuperate, according to a chiropractor.

She needs to adjust her lifestyle, according to the specialist, in order to totally recuperate.

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Celine Dion's 'Health Scare' - The Truth

Her health issues are unrelated to her "shockingly slim frame."

It's natural for a woman of Celine Dion's age to have a variety of health problems, especially if she has worked hard her entire life.

Celine's younger sister, Claudette, recently provided an update on her condition.

She told Voici that, despite what is being reported about her sister, she believes it is "not serious, otherwise she would have notified me."

"Whenever Celine has a problem, she always confides in me and seeks for my help, so I know she's in good spirits."

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