Saddening news came from KISS' frontman Paul Stanley as he announced on social media that his father, William Eisen, passed away at the age of 101 on November 8, 2021.

In his recent post on Twitter, Stanley expressed his admiration for his father where it read, "My dad William Eisen has left this earth after 101 years & 7 months. His thirst for knowledge never wained. He could speak on virtually any subject."

He concluded his farewell by saying, "His pride in my accomplishments was heartwarming as was seeing his love of my family. He said he'd always be with me and he will."

 Stanley frequently updates his followers on social media during the times he was with his father for the past years. However, no reports revealed what became the cause of his death coming from the singer.

With The Parent's Love

According to a report from Rock Celebrities, the vocalist often gives his parents credit for their influence on building his music interests during interviews and social media. He previously admitted that he started listening to classical music because of his parents, despite him being a rockstar.

More from the singer, he also mentioned that Eisen has been "a strong supporter" of his musical accomplishments, too, per source.Stanley has always been open about sharing his memorable moments with his father on social media for the past years. He also shared posts about his father's health condition, revealing he's doing well on his official accounts.

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Last Moments With Father

Just like in March 2020, KISS founder shared a video of his father a few weeks before he turned 100. The tweet showed his father doing sit-ups, showing his excellent body shape, while his son said he's proud of him in the caption.

The KISS co-founder shared, "My Dad Will Be 100 YEARS OLD IN TWO WEEKS! Here's What He's Doing Today While In Covid-19 Isolation. WOW!!! So Proud. Go Dad."

And on the day of William Eisen's 100th birthday, KISS fans helped Stanley celebrate his special day as he asked people around the world to greet him while in isolation. "MY DAD IS ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD TODAY," Stanley stated.

"He Is An AWESOME Man And I Am So Proud To Be His Son. We Can't Be Together Since It's Not Safe. I Love Him Dearly And Am Asking EVERYONE PLEASE WISH HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THIS MILESTONE. Thank You."

May his soul rest in peace.

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