Just in time for the holidays, Blake Shelton wants to look his best.

The country superstar is rumored to be planning an early Christmas surprise for himself.

Globe claims that Blake hopes to have liposuction so he can eat a lot during the holidays.

It's supposed to be his first indulgence since marrying Gwen Stefani over the Fourth of July weekend, when he gained a lot of weight.

The "Minimum Wage" singer's primary issue area, according to a source, is his belly, which enjoys consuming those hefty carbohydrates.

"It doesn't help that he's strictly a meat and potatoes guy. He loves his carbs and he's tried cutting back on portions and junk food, but he has no willpower and slips right back into his bad habits."

According to reports, the liposuction treatment will be the finest damage control he'll ever undertake.

And, while it isn't one of his top concerns, he is aware that looking your best with a little nip and tuck is fairly common in Los Angeles, particularly among his circle of acquaintances.

"Now that he's living there full-time, he may as well join the lipo party!" the insider continued. "

Gwen Stefani Forced Him to Do So?

According to the Globe, Blake Shelton's wife Gwen Stefani has been bugging him for years to eat healthier so he doesn't gain weight.

According to sources close to the A-list stars, the "God's Country" singer tried to exercise and eat well in preparation for their wedding, but only for a short time since he soon switched his customary salads and water for stacks of barbecue, cornbread, and soda.

According to another insider, the former No Doubt front lady is concerned about her husband's health but is also put off by Blake's "doughy" and "sweaty" appearance.

However, it appears that his "The Voice" coach schedule is preventing him from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

According to the source, his schedule is so hectic that he doesn't have time to exercise, therefore he's choosing for liposuction.

"With the holidays coming, Blake's at risk of really looking porky. He wants to look good next to his beautiful wife, which is understandable."


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Blake Shelton's Liposuction Claims: The Truth

Because these are unproven allegations, it's advised to accept the outlet's story with a grain of salt.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have yet to respond to the rumor.

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