Elvis Presley's dental crown made it to the list of items to be auctioned off, and it would not leave the event without earning so much.

One of Presley's crowns, directly acquired from his mouth, is now up for bidding through Kruse GWS Auctions for their upcoming Artifacts of Hollywood & Music auction.

The dental crown had different owners in the past years. According to the auction house, Presley's fiancée, Linda Thompson, first kept it before gifting it to Jimmy Velvet.

From there, it ended up in a private collection after someone purchased it from the Elvis Presley Museum. Over two decades afterward, the crown might find a new home soon.

Multiple news outlets confirmed that the bidding would start on December 4, with the crown receiving an opening bid of $2,500.

Aside from Presley's most-treasured tooth crown, more of his memorabilia also made it to the event. His letter to his cousin in 1958 and his guitar signed by Robert Plant will also look for a new owner.

Elvis Presley's Dental Crown Went On Tour, Too!

Before being auctioned off, the dental crown went on a UK tour in 2014 to spread awareness about mouth cancer. The piece, which received the nickname "The King's Crown," joined several Presley's impersonators during the shows.

The singer's dentist, Henry J. Weiss, made the crown before Canadian dentist Michael Zuk acquired it. He also made a false tooth that became part of the tour. Zuk also owns one of John Lennon's teeth, and he has publicly spoken about his desire to collect dead celebrities' teeth.

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"If you're going to buy teeth you're going to buy the most famous teeth in the world, yeah? I think I've captured the two biggest [celebrities'] teeth possible and I'm hoping it will make other dentists jealous so they will buy them off me later," he said.

The dental crown began its tour in Malvern before traveling through 10 venues in England, Scotland, and Wales.

During the tour, Malvern dentist Karen Sutton told the first stop attendees that they made a move to raise awareness of the dreaded disease. At that time, the illness reportedly claims the lives of five Britons a day.

According to Cancer Council, the type of cancer start in several regions of a person's mouth - cheeks, gums, tonsils, salivary glands, and roof of the mouths.

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