Taylor Swift took home several awards such as 'Favourite Pop Album' and 'Favourite Female Pop Artist' in last night's AMAs. Taylor has now eclipsed her own record for the most AMA wins in history with these victories.

While Swift was not present at the AMAs, she virtually received her trophies with a moving statement, which was televised on ABC from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Swift won the award for Favorite Pop Album for her album Evermore, and she thanked her fans from her home.

"Thank you so much to the fans. This is such an amazing honor. The fact that you would do this for Evermore, I've always been so proud of this album. I've always looked at Evermore as Folklore's fun, younger sister. So, thank you so much for doing this."

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Swift also thanked Swifties for their continued support of her new album, Red (Taylor's Version). "Getting to re-release these albums is something I wouldn't be doing if you hadn't empowered me and emboldened me to do so," Swift told the crowd. "You guys are so amazing about a very hard thing I went through. You guys turned a hard thing into a very, very wonderful experience. Now we're going through the second time with the Red re-release: my version. And so all of this is happening because you made this happen.I just want to say to the fans, thank you for all the amazing support that you have thrown my way with Red (my version), It's been so much fun. I'm so lucky to be in your life and to get to have you in mine. Have a great night. Love you guys."

Swift also won the award for Favorite Female Pop Artist, giving her a total of 34 AMA nominations over the course of her career. Her new total surpassed her previous high of 32 victories. Even if she didn't win Artist of the Year, fans were ecstatic to see her smash the record. BTS received the award while Ariana Grande, Drake, Olivia Rodrigo, and The Weeknd were all nominated. It's still a major win for the Swifties. 

To say Taylor Swift had a successful year in 2021 would be an understatement. Swift has not only re-released several recordings from her previous albums, but also released new, previously unreleased music. Taylor Swift continues to dazzle as the 2021 American Music Awards. Swift shattered records at this year's concert, and Swifties are overjoyed.

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