Madonna has made news in the past for sharing risqué photos on Instagram, but the most recent ones have caused quite a stir among her fans.

On Wednesday, the 63-year-old shared a series of raunchy bedside photos in which she flaunted her underwear while posing in uncomfortable postures.

There were also photos of her with only a fishnet-clad bottom and a naked breast.

In a bondage-inspired bra with cutouts in the body that highlighted her décolletage, the "Material Girl" singer flaunted her breast.

She then knelt in front of the bed, exposing her behind, and her thong derriere was front and center.

The singer-performer was also photographed leaning over to reveal more of her flesh.


Fans flocked to the Instagram post's comment area almost immediately, the majority of them shocked by the "porn"-like images.

One person asked, "What happened to you?" while another questioned, "What's the point?"

Another commented, "I am ashamed. My God. I never thought to say that one day and yet I am ashamed of what my idol has become."

Another person wrote, "This is getting kind of embarrassing now."

"Stop showing your a--. We've seen plenty of it with the Sex book and it was brave then."

They continued, "Now it's just classless and it has nothing to do with your age. WHY MADONA?"

"You are better than this," they urged.

"I don't understand how she's just allowed to flash her s-t all over Instagram like this is PornHub... Having self respect at this age will suit you better."

Another commenter wrote, "Aren't you tired of doing this same shot over and over again? It's not even attractive/funny/interesting/shocking anymore."

Fans also suggested what Madonna should be doing in her free time.

The same commenter said, "Instead of doing these ridiculous pictures, do some quality music as you used to do... Must've lost her dignity under the bed. Lol... Sinking low..."

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Fans Call Out Instagram Police Instead

Madonna's racy snaps on Instagram didn't just get primarily negative feedback, as some applaud her for her bold pictures.

One person commented, "The Greatest Solo Artist in music history!! The Greatest Woman in music of all time!! The Queen of Pop, Her Majesty... Queen came to slay."

Another said, "Sexy b----h! What an AMAZING body. You look beautiful girl! The jealous, catty b-----s are gonna go CRAZY."

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