• Sarah McGowan

    Sarah McGowan Talks New EP 'Indian Summer,' Plans For 2015 & More; Performs "Molly" Live [EXCLUSIVE PODCAST]

    Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sarah McGowan started writing songs at the age of 14 in her hometown of Darien, Connecticut. After composing an original piece of music and performing it at her high school, she began to pursue music as a potential career and has since evolved her sound from Taylor Swift-inspired pop to a dark, folk style. She completed her degrees in Music and Spanish at NYU in 2014 and just released her first EP, Indian Summer, last month.
  • Ryan Cabrera

    Ryan Cabrera Talks New Single "House On Fire," Reality TV, Ryan Gosling Tattoo, Dating Ashlee Simpson, 'The Bling Ring', Dave Matthews Fandom And More [EXCLUSIVE PODCAST]

    Although you haven't seen him on reality television in a while, Ryan Cabrera is still making music, and has new material on the way. He just released his latest single "House on Fire" and has a full-length album tentatively planned for March 2015, after which he'll go on tour with his full, four-piece band for the first time since 2008. Music Times sat down with Cabrera following the release of his new single to talk about what he's been up to recently, and why now is the right time to release a new record. His new music isn't all we talked about, though. We also got the scoop on his Ryan Gosling tattoo and his pop culture/Disney inspired artwork, why he's such a big fan of Dave Matthews, what really happened between him and E! reality stars who inspired Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, how he ended up dating Ashlee Simpson, his thoughts on his iconic early-2000s hair, and more.
  • Music Times Meets: Tom Silverman

    Music Times Meets: Tom Silverman, Founder of The New Music Seminar

    Read anything recently regarding the next big thing in the music industry? Tom Silverman heard about it before you. Heck, he may have written the article you read. The founder of Tommy Boy Records has always been one step ahead when it comes to trends (including hip-hop and electronic music) and that's why his other project, the New Music Seminar, has always been a must for the industry's biggest names.
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