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8 Great Musicians With Their Own Sneaker Designs: Run-DMC, Oasis, And More

On June 17, trance artist Paul van Dyk released his own line of TOMS shoes, though van Dyke is far from the first artist to do this. Here are eight great musicians with their own sneaker designs.

9 Albums With A Theme In Their Song Titles: Radiohead, Bon Iver, and more

Many albums are written with themes or concepts that run through all of the songs, but some artists chose to place their themes right into the song titles. Here are nine albums with a theme in their song titles.

6 Albums Recorded In Bizarre Places: Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, And More

Most albums heard by the general public are recorded in professional studios, or even occasionally in the artists' own home. However, some well-known albums are recorded in places so unusual or creepy that it becomes part of the album's appeal. Here ...

Daft Punk, Mumford & Sons top year end vinyl sales charts

Every news service has been eager to tell you that vinyl sales continued to show huge gains, even as CD sales and digital music sales slumped in the United States. Sales of the 12" format increased by 32 percent, jumping from about 4.5 million in ...

Bon Iver Is Not Over Despite Justin Vernon's Current Hiatus From The Project

In an interview yesterday with an Australian radio station about Volcano Choir's upcoming album, "Repave," Justin Vernon was asked about his other project, Bon Iver.

Bon Iver and ADORABLE KITTENS Sell Shoes for Charity in Heartwarming Clip [WATCH]

Bon Iver teamed with the Keep shoe company to raise funds for the Best Friends Animal Society. The commercial teems with kittens and cuteness.

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