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Top 10 From Northside Festival 2015

This past week, Northside Festival took over Williamsburg. The SXSW-styled festival brought together film, speakers in various mediums and music over seven different days and ...

Death Cab For Cutie Extends Tour in United States to Support New Album 'Kintsugi' [DATES]

Death Cab for Cutie has announced a new tour to go along with the release of tis new album Kintsugi, which debuted last week. The band had already announced a slew of festival dates and an international tour (both of which you can see with the full ...

Built To Spill Announce New Album 'Untethered Moon,' Begin U.S. Tour In March

After a six year gap, Built to Spill are ready to release a new album, Untethered Moon. While there is no release date officially listed, frontman Doug Martsch told Las Vegas Weekly in 2014 that the disc might be ready by April.

8 Classic Album Titles Taken from Song Lyrics: Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and more

Many of the greatest albums of all time have title tracks on them, or songs that the album is named after (London Calling, Highway 61 Revisited, etc.), but an even more interesting trend is naming the album after lyrics, rather than one of the songs. ...

6 Incredible Songs That Took Lyrics from Other Songs: Radiohead, The White Stripes, and more

There's a very fine line between homage and plagiarism, but these six artists walked that line masterfully when writing the lyrics to these songs. Here are six incredible songs that took lyrics from other songs.

8 Albums Missing from Rolling Stone's Best of '94: Morrissey, Pulp and more

Rolling Stone recently wrote a list of the 40 best alternative albums of 1994, and while they included a ton of excellent albums (Parklife, Weezer’s Blue Album, Dookie), I also noticed that a ton of classics were missing as well (and replaced by ...

6 Bands That Began as Solo Projects: Grizzly Bear, Foo Fighters, and more

Unless they're singing folk songs like Bob Dylan, solo artists are rarely "solo" in the most literal sense of the word, typically employing a backing band to play along with them on record and during concerts. However, just as some artists leave ...

Eight Incredible Bands (Other Than Nirvana) to Come Out of the Pacific NW: Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney, and more

In celebration of the life of Kurt Cobain (whose tragic suicide occurred 20 years ago this Saturday), we’ve compiled a short list of the top bands to come out of the Pacific Northwest music scene that Nirvana helped bring to the world’s ...

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