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Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie Announces New Album, North American Tour Dates

Genres 07:20AM EDT

Death Cab For Cutie released a teaser trailer to announced their upcoming studio album on Tuesday, May 1. The alternative rock band also announced an upcoming North American tour.READ MORE

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie Shares "Little Wanderer": Fourth Single From 'Kintsugi' Is a Breezy Love Ballad [LISTEN]

Buzz 10:22AM EDT

Death Cab for Cutie has shared the fourth and latest single from 'Kintsugi.' "Little Wanderer" follows "No Room in Frame," "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive" and "Black Sun." It is an understated, breezy tune that celebrates a love's restless soul, and Ben Gibbard's vocals are as sweet as ever.READ MORE

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie Talk New Album 'Kintsugi': Record Will Be First Without Guitarist Chris Walla [TRACKLIST]

Buzz 14:54PM EDT

The title for the new Death Cab for Cutie album is "Kintsugi." According to an interview with "Rolling Stone," the album's name is a Japanese artform that captures where the band is currently. After 17 years, guitarist Chris Walla left the band in 2014, and now Ben Gibbard and Co. have to find a way to move forward without forgetting their humble past. "It's a Japanese style of art where they take fractured, broken ceramics and put them back together with very obvious, real gold," bassist Nick Harmer said. "It's making the repair of an object a visual part of its history. That resonated with us as a philosophy, and it connected to a lot of what we were going through, both professionally and personally." Walla announced his departure from the band in September, playing his final gig with Death Cab the following month. "In the West, if you break an heirloom, you either throw it away or you make the repair as invisible as possible," he added. "But there's this artistic movement in Japan where the repair of it, the damage of it, is more important as part of the history of something than repairing it to its original state."READ MORE

Ben Gibbard

Ben Gibbard, Death Cab For Cutie Move On With New Album After Chris Walla's Departure

Buzz 19:59PM EDT

Casual Death Cab For Cutie fans probably didn't understand what Chris Walla's departure meant for the band in mid-September.READ MORE

Vampire Weekend

8 Bands Whose Producers Are A Member Of The Band: The Beach Boys, Vampire Weekend, And More

Exclusives 14:21PM EDT

It's often tough for a band to maintain complete control of their creative vision, especially when they hire a producer from outside the band to help them capture their sound on record. These eight bands, however, remained true to their vision by having a member of the band produce their records.READ MORE

Chris Walla

Chris Walla Performs With Death Cab For Cutie One Last Time [WATCH]

Trending News 12:54PM EDT

Last night (Sept. 13), longtime guitarist and founding member of Death Cab For Cutie Chris Walla played his final show with the band.READ MORE

Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie Guitarist Chris Walla Leaves 'Transatlanticism' Band Before New Album 2015

Genres 13:23PM EDT

In a statement released through Seattle news site Slog, Death Cab for Cutie guitarist/producer Chris Walla has announced that he will be leaving the band next month. His last show will be on Sept. 13 at the Rifflandia Festival in Victoria, British Columbia.READ MORE

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