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KISS' Paul Stanley Talks Dave Grohl, 'Sonic Highways' Appearance

With Foo Fighters' "Sonic Highways" still making its way through an eight-week HBO journey, the praise for Dave Grohl from his co-stars is far from over. This week, KISS' Paul Stanley took his turn gushing to "Rolling Stone."

Dave Grohl Talks 'Sonic Highways' Finale That Airs Tonight, Foo Fighters Will Play Concert in New York After Screening

Dave Grohl's HBO series 'Sonic Highways' comes to a close tonight (Dec. 5) as the band makes its final stop in New York City. It is the eighth stop the band made while recording its eighth studio effort of the same name. Grohl and co. were joined by ...

Early Dave Grohl Song 'Hooker on the Street' Surfaces After Appearing in Recent 'Sonic Highways' Episode [LISTEN]

A song from Dave Grohl's early solo work has surfaced and it's downright funky. "Hooker on the Street" is one of 40 tracks Grohl wrote toward the end of Nirvana. The song played in Friday, Nov. 28's episode of the singer's HBO series "Foo Fighters: ...

Lionel Richie Confirmed for Glastonbury Sunday Afternoon Spot; Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Still Want to Play

Lionel Richie is the first big name secured for Glastonbury's 2015 festival. The "All Night Long (All Night)" singer will perform during the event's Sunday afternoon slot, which is historically reserved for some of the most-respected names in music. ...

Dave Grohl Shares Kurt Cobain's Reaction to Early Foo Fighters Demos for Seattle Episode of 'Sonic Highways'

Last night (November 28) on Sonic Highways, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters visited Seattle, the motherland of grunge and home to the frontman's former band, Nirvana. A pivotal moment during the episode revolved around some demo tapes featuring songs ...

Foo Fighters Selling Ugly Holiday Sweaters Featuring an Evil Gingerbread and Emperor-Inspired Font

Ugly holiday sweater parties have become a holiday tradition in recent years, and retailers have been cashing in on the trend by offering dated designs on new clothes. The Foo Fighters are getting in on the action now, too, with their own tacky ...

Dave Grohl Says the Kardashians Scared Him off Pot, Kim Kardashian and Family Killed Singer's High

Dave Grohl swore off drugs when he turned 20, but recently he decided to smoke a little weed to help with his insomnia. The Foo Fighters frontman's high was unfortunately interrupted by a famous TV family — the Kardashians. Sweet dreams were slim ...

Dave Grohl 'Sonic Highways': Foo Fighters Singer 'Didn't Know S--t' About New Orleans

Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways' stopped by New Orleans in Friday night's episode, but Dave Grohl apparently new nothing about the area before filming.

Dave Grohl Hopes The Arctic Monkeys Don't 'Self-Destruct'

The Monkeys have dominated the UK rock scene since their major label debut Whatever People Say I Am... became the fastest-selling album in British history in 2006.

Joe Walsh Calls Himself 'Honorary Foo Fighter' After 'Sonic Highways' Appearance

The latest Foo Fighters release might be a bit "meh," but it at least created some awesome moments that bridged the gap between generations of rock.

Dave Grohl Talks Getting Out of Los Angeles After Latest 'Sonic Highways' Episode

Los Angeles can be overwhelming for anyone; even rock stars can feel the suffocating grip of a scenic city filled with people trying to make their way in the entertainment business.

Dave Grohl Sounds Off On Taylor Swift, Spotify: 'I Don't F---ing Care'

Music heads across the nation have been paying close attention to the standoff between Taylor Swift and Spotify over artist royalties for streamed music.

John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival Defends Bruce Springsteen's Concert for Valor Performance of 'Fortunate Son'

At Tuesday's Concert for Valor in Washington, D.C., Nov. 11, Bruce Springsteen stirred up plenty of controversy when he performed Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1969 anti-war classic "Fortunate Son" alongside Dave Grohl and Zac Brown, with many ...

Bruce Springsteen Criticized for Singing Anti-War 'Fortunate Son' at Concert for Valor [WATCH]

Bruce Springsteen is finding himself in a bit of trouble this morning following his performance at the Concert for Valor, the free Veteran’s Day concert held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Along with Dave Grohl and Zac Brown, Springsteen ...

[LIVE STREAM]: HBO's 'Concert for Valor' Features Performances by Eminem, Dave Grohl, Rihanna and More for Veterans Day [WATCH]

HBO's Concert for Valor will be broadcast live tonight at 7 p.m., but if you do not have access to cable, the concert will also be streaming live through its official website. You can access the Concert for Valor website by clicking here. The ...

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