June 21, 2018 / 2:47 AM

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Pioneer Announces CD-less Touch Screen Turntable With The XDJ-1000

Pioneer Electronics has released the information on its brand new set of CDJ styled decks. CDJs are the brand of CD players from Pioneer, but with the new evolution of CDJs, that name is about to change. It has announced the upcoming release of the ...

Paris Hilton Named 'Best New Female DJ of the Year' at NRJ DJ Awards; Deadmau5 Responds

The votes are in and, according to some, or to many, Paris Hilton is the Best New Female DJ in the world. She has been given this title by the NRJ DJ Awards, an award show done by French radio station NRJ, according to Dancing Astronaut. The award ...

Deadmau5 Says He Would Perform with Paris Hilton for $2 Million

Continuing his one-sided beef with Paris Hilton over her disc jockey career, Canadian producer/DJ deadmau5 has decided to extend a tentative olive branch to the hotel heiress by saying he would perform alongside her for a cool $2 million. TMZ ...

Norwegian Comedians Kollektivet Make Fun of DJs with '2manybuttons' Video [WATCH]

Norwegian comedians Kollektivet have decided to make fun of DJs and what some claim to be doing behind the decks with their new with YouTube video "2manybuttons." A hot subject in the dance community, Sebastian Trulsrud Brynestad, Kevin Vågenes, ...

Deadmau5 Bashes Paris Hilton, Calls Her Presence In EDM 'Insulting'

Deadmau5 isn't too stoked about Paris Hilton's new gig as a DJ.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Performs DJ Set For Eight People At Cornwall’s Leopallooza

The always-interesting Thom Yorke was reportedly in attendance at this weekend’s Cornish Festival Leopallooza, but it wasn’t with Radiohead. The famed frontman ended up playing a surprise DJ set … for eight people.

New Technology Means DJs May No Longer Have To Show Up To Clubs

New technology allows DJs to play for the crowd from just about anywhere, even outside of the club.

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