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Don McLean Removes Daughter's $3M Fortune Following Abuse Allegations

Buzz 21:22PM EDT

Don McLean removed the inheritance of his daughter following her abuse accusations.READ MORE

Love Will Tear Us Apart

5 [Extremely] Popular Songs Written in Response to Other Songs

Exclusives 19:25PM EDT

There are instances where musicians use their craft to share a piece of their mind. As with writing a letter, songwriters also create entire songs to "answer" another track they have heard. Here are five popular songs originally written in response to other songs.READ MORE

WATCH: James Blake Covers Don McLean's

WATCH: James Blake Covers Don McLean's 'Vincent'

Genres 21:38PM EDT

James Blake earned compliments from fans for his melancholic version of Don McLean's 'Vincent.' McLean himself also praised the musician for his extraordinary cover and talent.READ MORE

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg Gets Response To Don McLean Fan Letter Five Years Later

Genres 13:28PM EDT

Jake Bugg taught us all a lesson this week: If you want your favorite artist to respond to your fan mail, just become famous.READ MORE

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