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Guns N' Roses

Did Guns N’ Roses Get Paid More Than $6.5M For Their Download Festival Gig?

Buzz 10:12AM EDT

Guns N' Roses reportedly got paid a huge sum of money at the Download Festival. Axl Rose and the other members of the rock band also made outrageous demands.READ MORE

Babymetal World Tour

Babymetal 2018 World Tour: US And European Dates And Stops Announced

Genres 06:36AM EDT

A month after losing their guitarist, Babymetal announced their tour dates in the United States and Europe. The J-pop band will perform in several venues in Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, and Ohio.READ MORE


Muse Unveil New 'Drones' 90-Minute Live Show at Download Festival [WATCH]

Buzz 18:24PM EDT

For their debut headline performance at Donington Park, Derbyshire's Download Festival on Saturday, Muse teased their latest 'Drones' live show with a 90-minute set.READ MORE

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