June 21, 2018 / 10:09 AM

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Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Turns Into Traffic Officer Amid NYC Traffic

"Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" actor Harrison Ford becomes an impromptu traffic officer. In the middle of a New York traffic jam, he moves cars around and leaves quickly after.

'Indiana Jones 5' Will Star Harrison Ford Says Steven Spielberg Amidst Recasting Rumors

Indiana Jones 5 has yet to be officially announced, but Disney is definitely thinking of another installment in the popular adventure film franchise. Despite the lack of information about this new project, there are plenty of rumors that speculate ...

Harrison Ford Talks Amnesia After His Plane Crash on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' [WATCH]

Harrison Ford sat down with late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel to open up about what he remembered of his tragic plane crash from back in March. Ford couldn't recall many details as he said he suffered a form of amnesia after the crash. ...

New 'Indiana Jones' Film Confirmed By Lucasfilm, Following 'Star Wars' Sequels

With a new Star Wars revival on the horizon, another favored George Lucas movie franchise starring Harrison Ford will be reintroduced-Indiana Jones. In reagards to the company's deal with Disney, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy established that ...

Insurance Concerns May Now Prevent Harrison Ford From Flying

Harrison Ford got really lucky last Thursday, March 5, when he was able to put his stalled-out, World War ll-era plane down on a golf course, minimizing the amount of damage and likely saving the lives of others potentially lost if it had crash ...

5 Musicians Who Survived Plane Crashes a la Harrison Ford: Travis Barker, Bono, Paul McCartney and More

Harrison Ford's dramatic crash-landing of a vintage WWII single-engine aircraft onto a Los Angeles golf course was certainly the most shocking piece of news yesterday. Maybe just as shocking (and definitely relieving) was that the Indiana Jones/Star ...

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