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13 Reasons Why cast members

Top 3 songs featured on “13 Reasons Why” Season 3

Exclusives 09:39AM EDT

To look back at one of its most controversial parts yet, here are three songs featured on "13 Reasons Why" Season 3.READ MORE

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady's 'Almost Killed Me' Turns 11: Five Best Songs From the Group's Debut

Exclusives 16:05PM EDT

Members of The Hold Steady celebrated their 10th anniversary last year with the release of a sixth album, 'Teeth Dreams.' It was clear the band had veered a bit from the sound and angst that graced its superb debut 'Almost Killed Me,' which turned 11 today, March 16. The group would go on to record the concept effort 'Separation Sunday' in 2005 and the fan-favorite album 'Boys and Girls in America' in 2006. None contained the explosiveness the first had.READ MORE

Dr. Dre -

8 Albums With Misleading Titles: The Smiths, Dr. Dre, And More

Buzz 13:43PM EDT

Though an album title shouldn't tell you explicitly what kind of music you're in for (where's the fun in that?), a title does have a subtle influence over how we hear an album, or how we expect it to fit into the artist's career arc. These eight albums, however, went with titles that ended up being misleading for either one of these reasons.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

7 Artists Who Gradually Became More Accessible: Bruce Springsteen, Metallica and More

Buzz 10:24AM EDT

While some artists throughout rock history gradually became stranger as their careers went on, including The Beatles and Radiohead, there are other artists who started off strange and inaccessible but eventually moved toward accessibility, whether it was due to pressure from their label or a legitimate desire to clean up their sound. Here are seven artists who became more accessible:READ MORE

Neil Young -

7 Live Albums Made Up Entirely Of New Songs: Neil Young, Frank Zappa, And More

Exclusives 10:48AM EDT

A typical live album serves as a greatest hits album of sorts, compiling live performances of an artist's best-known songs. These seven live albums, however, took a different approach, including songs that had been previously unreleased, basically making them studio albums that just happened to be recorded in front of an audience.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones -

7 Bands Whose Double Albums Were Their Best: The Rolling Stones, Genesis, And More

Exclusives 15:36PM EDT

Double albums are a tricky proposition for most artists. Though they can be fascinating listens, they tend to come off as overlong, bloated, and messy, and even some classic ones such as The Beatles' "White Album" are often criticized for being indulgent. Still, some bands pull it off, and the double albums released by these seven bands are often considered to be their best work.READ MORE

Dave Matthews

5 Artists Who Debuted With Live Albums: Dave Matthews Band, Jane's Addiction, And More

Exclusives 11:51AM EDT

If an artist decides to record a live album at all, it's usually released at least a few years into their career, after they're established enough to warrant interest in how their live performances sound. However, these five artists took a more unusual route by actually debuting with live albums.READ MORE

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams Joins Bob Mould Onstage In New York [WATCH]

Genres 16:28PM EDT

Last night (Sept. 10), Hüsker Dü fan and singer-songwriter Ryan Adams joined the group's frontman Bob Mould onstage for a few songs.READ MORE

Bob Mould on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Bob Mould Of Hüsker Dü Performs Two Songs On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' [WATCH]

Genres 12:21PM EDT

On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman Bob Mould performed two songs from his new album Beauty & Ruin, which you can check out below.READ MORE

Husker Du -

8 Albums That End With Instrumentals: Tom Waits, Hüsker Dü, And More

Exclusives 14:46PM EDT

A well-constructed album should flow a lot like a film or a novel, with an engaging opening, rising action, and a satisfying conclusion. Some albums even come with a dénoument or epilogue, an instrumental closer that follows the climax. Here are eight albums that close with instrumental tracks.READ MORE

Walter Bonedale Hanging Around the John Ryle House

Concert Review: John Ryle House in Haledon, NJ, 7/12/14

Reviews 14:44PM EDT

The last time I went to a show at the John Ryle House in Haledon, NJ, bayonets were discovered in the garage by a couple of people who had consumed an exorbitant amount of alcohol. Nobody died or was even (seriously) injured, but that's the sort of thing that would normally persuade me to never return. So why did I go back last night? Because Omegalith and Huge Pupils were playing.READ MORE


5 Great Alt-Rock Bands Whose Line-Ups Never Changed: The Strokes, Radiohead, and more

Exclusives 11:56AM EDT

If a band lasts longer than a few years, there's an excellent chance that someone's going to leave or get kicked out, and if it lasts long enough, this could become a frequent occurrence. However, these five bands somehow managed to maintain a consistent line-up for their entire careers.READ MORE

Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel

6 Alternative Musicians Who Vanished From The Music Business: Jeff Mangum, Bill Berry, And More

Exclusives 18:21PM EDT

For the most part, musicians don’t really retire. A great deal simply keep playing until they’re physically unable to go on (see: the Rolling Stones). However, there are some artists who more or less vanished from music altogether, and some never returned. Here are six alternative musicians who vanished from the music business.READ MORE

The Cure -

7 Artists Whose Best Song Isn't On Their Best Album: The Cure, Neil Young, and more

Exclusives 14:59PM EDT

When an artist has an album that's commonly accepted as their best, there's usually one song in there that's cited as their best as well ("God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys, "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen...). However, a lot of artists end up putting their best songs on an album that isn't actually their best. Here are seven artists who's best song isn't actually on their best album.READ MORE

Oasis -

7 Classic Albums That Would Improve with Different Production: Paul Simon, Oasis and more

Exclusives 16:06PM EDT

Though I wrote a list a few weeks ago about classic albums that sound awful, I wouldn’t change a thing about the way any of those albums were produced. When I sit down and listen to Raw Power, I want it to be rough and fuzzy, because that’s the kind of music the Stooges made. These seven albums, however, would have greatly benefited from a production overhaul.READ MORE

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