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Vanity Fair Yanked James Franco Off Its Hollywood Issue Cover In Light Of Sexual Allegations

Actor James Franco was digitally removed from the cover of Vanity Fair's prestigious Hollywood Issue following ongoing allegations of sexual assault. The 'Disaster Artist' star also missed out on an Oscar nod as a result.

James Franco Accusers Detail The Actor’s Sexual Misconduct In First Televised Interview

Two ex-students from James Franco's film school appeared on 'Good Morning America' to tell their stories of sexual harassment at the hands of the Golden Globe-winning actor. The two women came forward following an explosive Los Angeles Times tell-all ...

Oscar 2018: James Franco, Tom Hanks, And 'Wonder Woman' Fail To Get Nominations

Despite being early favorites, James Franco and Tom Hanks failed to snatch a nomination in this year's Oscars. Multi-awarded superhero film 'Wonder Woman' did not receive a nomination either.

Hollywood's Oldest Working Actress Connie Sawyer Passes Away at 105

Connie Sawyer died peacefully at her retirement home in California over the weekend. She was known as Hollywood's oldest working actress, with 140 film and TV credits under her name.

Scarlett Johansson To James Franco During Women's March: 'I Want My Pin Back'

Scarlett Johansson spoke against James Franco during the Women’s March in Los Angeles after several women accused the award-winning actor of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior.

SAG Awards 2018: Alison Brie Responds To Sexual Claims Against Brother-In-Law James Franco

Alison Brie expressed her support for her brother-in-law James Franco when asked about the allegations of sexual misconduct against the actor at the SAG Awards. The 'Glow' star said that the accusations are inaccurate.

James Franco Skips Critics’ Choice Awards Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations, Still Wins

James Franco did not attend Thursday night's Critics' Choice Awards after five women accused him of sexual harassment. Despite his absence, the actor still won Best Actor for his role in 'The Disaster Artist.'

James Franco Denies Sexual Harassment Claims On ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

Sexual assault allegations were made against James Franco following his Golden Globes win. He appeared on the 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert' to deny them.

Ashley Judd Weighs In On James Franco's Alleged Sexual Misconduct: What He Said Is 'Terrific'

Following his appearance at the 2018 Golden Globes, several women have come forward to accuse James Franco of sexual harassment. The actor has since apologized for his past misconducts.

Here's What Tommy Wiseau Would've Said Onstage At The Golden Globes Awards

James Franco won a Golden Globes for his portrayal of 'The Room' director, Tommy Wiseau, on 'The Disaster Artist.' For his acceptance speech, he invited the notorious filmmaker onstage to recognize and to thank.

James Franco's Band Daddy Releases Smiths-Inspired Tune 'Lime-Green Dress'

Actor, director, academic, author, poet and now musician, James Franco, is set to release his band Daddy's debut album, 'Let Me Get What I Want' on March 18 alongside fellow bandmate and old schoolmate Tim O'Keefe. The duo has a new Smiths-inspired ...

James Franco’s Band Daddy Shares ‘You Are Mine’ Featuring The Smiths’ Andy Rourke [LISTEN]

James Franco is in a band called Daddy with his old art school classmate Tim O'Keefe. Together with The Smiths' bassist Andy Rourke they're putting out an album entitled Let Me Get What I Want. As a preview, the group has shared the new song "You Are ...

Matt Damon Talks Ben Affleck Gay Rumors & the Struggle of Coming Out in Hollywood

The term "dynamic duo" doesn't always refer to a powerful couple in a romantic relationship, it could also reflect best friends who make strong decision that benefit them both individually and as a unit. After all, the original dynamic duo were ...

James Franco Wrote a Book About 'Real and Imaginary Conversations with Lana Del Rey'

Lana Del Rey and James Franco's muse/artist relationship has now reached a new level - a book. Yesterday (July 22) Penguin Random House Books announced that it will publish a new book about the "Honeymoon" singer next year, written by Franco and ...

5 Musicians That 'Borrowed' Fashion Personas: Lady Gaga, Liberace, and, yeah, Natalia Kills

This week's most viral, and most infuriating video from the music world comes from X Factor New Zealand, where judge Natalia Kills simply eviscerates contestant Joe Irvine for allegedly stealing his look from her husband, fellow judge Willy Moon. ...

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