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Jeff Beck

Roger Waters Updates 'What God Wants' Video Ahead of "Amused to Death" Reissue [WATCH]

Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters has plans to reissue his 1992 LP 'Amused to Death' on July 24--in conjunction with the release, an updated music video for "What God Wants, Part 1," featuring guitarist Jeff Beck jamming in a studio setting has ...

5 Les Paul Gifts to Modern Music: Solid-Body Guitars, Multitrack Recording, More

Today marks what would have been the 100th birthday of Les Paul, one of the greatest innovators in music history, both for his work with instruments and with recording technology (and he wasn't half bad as a guitar player either). Music Times has ...

Jeff Beck Releases First Studio Track in over Five Years Titled "Tribal" [LISTEN]

For the first time in five years, Jeff Beck crafted a new track titled "Tribal" that will be featured on his fifth concert compilation LP. 'Live+' will include Beck's best performances of 2014 and an ending of two new studio recordings.

Jeff Beck Releasing a Live Album, 'Jeff Beck Live+,' in May; Adds New Tour Dates

Though he has already embarked on a spring tour, Jeff Beck added various dates to his agenda and announced that he will be releasing a live album, 'Jeff Beck Live+' in May.

One For You, One For Me: Solo and Group Albums Released The Same Year from Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend and Lil Wayne, More

The more famous an act becomes, the more tempting it is for popular members to head out and do their own thing. It's tougher when you're still affiliated with a band or act however. Check out seven examples of performers who went solo and compare to ...

10 Songs About Hammerheads to Celebrate Shark Week: Caribou, The Offspring and Jeff Beck

We found ten tracks named after the most awkwardly shaped shark and ranked them by how well they represent their namesakes. All hail hammerheads!

7 Bands That Spawned Multiple Prominent Solo Careers: Genesis, Wu-Tang Clan, And More

Many bands would be lucky enough to have just one immensely talented artist to carry them to success, but these seven bands had two (or sometimes more) musicians in their ranks who would go on to achieve success on their own.

Brian Wilson Collaborating with Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Zooey Deschanel, and Kacey Musgraves on New Album

Brian Wilson is reportedly working with Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Zooey Deschanel, and Kacey Musgraves on his new album.

The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck to Tour Together in Show That Complements Both Artists

"Super tours" are normally arranged by having one pretty-big-deal band opening for another even bigger deal band, but everyone knows that the highlights happens when the two performers are onstage at the same time. Such is the case with the current ...

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