Attila frontman, Fronz during a live concert in April 2018

COVID-19 Era to Change Landscape of Future Concerts

Buzz 08:06AM EDT

How future concerts will resume is shared by Fronz, Attila’s frontman.READ MORE

concert scene

Ticketmaster Will Refund Tickets for Postponed and Canceled Events

Buzz 19:35PM EDT

Ticketmaster issued a refund policy for events affected by the COVID-19 crisis.READ MORE

Virtual Jazz

International Jazz Day 2020 Cancels Live Performances, Organizers Plan a Virtual Event

Buzz 10:42AM EDT

Due to the recent pandemic, the International Jazz Day organizers suggested virtual live performances from artists in order to pursue the event without having to gather a large crowd.READ MORE

Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch Twitter CRASH: 'Cowboys and Angels' Songster Meet and Greet Postponed Due to Fan Overload

Genres 01:03AM EDT

Dustin Lynch had some trouble when attempting to meet with fans. READ MORE

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