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Mark Wahlberg Wouldn't Approve Christopher Plummer Until He Was Paid Over $1M For Reshoot

A previous report revealed that Mark Wahlberg received a $1.5 million salary for 10 days of reshoots for 'All The Money In The World.' Meanwhile, his costar Michelle Williams barely made $1,000 for the same amount of work.

Mark Wahlberg Made $1.5 Million, Michelle Williams Below $1,000 From 'All The Money' Reshoot

'All The Money In The World' is already riddled with controversies. The new movie directed by Sir Ridley Scott has reignited the conversation about the pay gap in Hollywood.

'Blade Runner:The Final Cut 4K' Is Showing To All Alamo Drafthouse Theaters on August 31

Ridley Scott's sci-fi movie of 1982 gets a more enhanced version of "Blade Runner: The Final Cut 4K." On August 31, Alamo Drafthouse Theaters will be showing in all of its locations the movie of Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard.

Katherine Waterston Cast in 'Prometheus' Sequel 'Alien: Covenant' as New Female Lead

Alien: Covenant, previously Alien: Paradise Lost and also referred to as Prometheus 2, has found its new female lead in actress Katherine Waterston. Known for her recent performances in Inherent Vice and Steve Jobs, as well as her upcoming role in ...

Will Smith Details Fears of Accepting 'Concussion' Role as a "Football Dad"

Will Smith is both a father and an actor. Thus, when Ridley Scott presented him with the script for Concussion, Smith encountered a dilemma. While the script was "beautiful," Smith was conflicted because his son played football, and he did not know ...

'Prometheus' Director Reveals 'Blade Runner 2' Plot Details: Ryan Gosling Confirms Casting

In an industry of reboots, remakes and random sequels, filmmaker Ridley Scott has taken his cult classic movies into his own hands when it comes to these concepts. He reintroduced us to the Alien franchise with the prequel, Prometheus, and is ...

'Prometheus 2' Plot Details: 'Alien' Movie's New Title, 'Covenant' not 'Paradise Lost'

Ridley Scott has made it very clear that he's excited to make the sequel to his 2012 sci-fi blockbuster Prometheus, which started a prequel storyline to his critically acclaimed masterpiece, Alien. After naming the new movie project Alien: Paradise ...

Elton John and Adele to Appear in 'The Secret Service,' and Not In The Roles You'd Expect

Adele hasn't given any hints as to her next album, after "21" dominated sales throughout the last few years and won a boatload of awards. Word has gotten out however, that the songstress may soon be making her big-screen debut. The role? As a comic ...

Springsteen and I: Watch Five Minutes of Bruce Springsteen Fan Documentary [VIDEO]

The documentary Springsteen & I will hit theaters for one night only on July 22, but Rolling Stone has obtained five minutes of exclusive footage...

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