May 24, 2018 / 7:54 AM

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Travis Scott Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct During Arkansas Concert

Travis Scott's lawyer Doug Norwood revealed that his client's inciting a riot and endangering the welfare of minor charges have been dropped. He said that Scott simply pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

Michael Brown's Ex-Con Stepfather Louis Head is Being Investigated for Inciting Ferguson Riots

By now I think nearly everyone has seen the video of Michael Brown's stepfather shouting into the crowd, "Burn this b**** down!" shortly after the grand jury announced its' decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the Aug. 9 shooting that ...

ABC News Gets Exclusive First Interview with Ferguson's Darren Wilson

Less than 24 hours after learning that there would be no indictment in the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, we were all handed embattled Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's first interview. While it was confirmed that Wilson had met ...

CNN's Don Lemon Puts His Foot in His Mouth Again, This Time While Reporting from Ferguson

CNN's Don Lemon has been having a really rough time lately, and it basically has been his own doing. Last week he caught some major backlash after insinuating to Joan Tarshis, one of Bill Cosby's rape accusers, that she could have bit him to prevent ...

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