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Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett Documentary 'Have You Got It?' Releasing This Summer

Buzz 13:33PM EDT

With the documentary name mirroring the title of an unreleased Pink Floyd track, the latest film details the life of fleeting front man, Syd Barrett. It's slated for a a late summer release in 2015.READ MORE

Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, 1967

12 Pink Floyd Solo Albums Ranked from 'The Madcap Laughs' to 'Amused to Death'...Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour and More

Buzz 14:39PM EDT

Former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour announced today that he would be releasing his fourth solo album (yet untitled) later during 2015, so Music Times went back and looked at every solo album released by every member of Pink Floyd over the years and ranked them accordingly. How do Gilmour, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Nick Mason and Richard Wright do on their own? Keep reading and find out.READ MORE

Syd Barrett -

Syd Barrett's 'The Madcap Laughs': 13 Songs Ranked For Its 45th Anniversary

Buzz 18:05PM EDT

Today, Jan. 3, marks the 45th anniversary of The Madcap Laughs, the debut solo album by original Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett. Other than being a remarkable album musically, The Madcap Laughs is also significant for being a surreal document of Barrett's mental health at the time, which had been steadily declining ever since his departure from Pink Floyd in 1968. To celebrate the anniversary of this incredible album, here are its 13 tracks ranked, from weakest to strongest.READ MORE

Beastie Boys

7 Great Artists Who Switched Genres Early in Their Careers: Pink Floyd, Beastie Boys and More

Buzz 14:47PM EDT

Though most musicians tend to evolve musically over the course of their careers, they usually stick to the same genre they started off in. But these seven, great artists — from Pink Floyd to the Beastie Boys — actually started off playing totally different styles of music early in their careers from the ones they eventually became known for.READ MORE

David Bowie -

9 Songs To Celebrate The Anniversary Of The Moon Landing: David Bowie, The B-52's, and More

Exclusives 17:12PM EDT

Today, July 20, marks the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and to celebrate, here are nine awesome songs that are about outer space and space travel.READ MORE

Electric Wizard -

'Harry Potter' Returns With New Material From J.K. Rowling: Music Times Imagines What Music He Would Listen To

Exclusives 17:00PM EDT

Today author J.K. Rowling surprised fans by publishing a short story about a 34-year old Harry Potter. Though music isn't talked about so much over the course of the seven Harry Potter books (other than the Weird Sisters), here are some bands that I think Harry Potter would probably listen to.READ MORE

Chuck Berry

12 Song Titles That Feature Another Artist's Name: Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin, And More

Genres 10:02AM EDT

When new bands are trying to think of what to call themselves, they'll often turn to song titles of bands they like for inspiration. However, these twelve artists did just the opposite: use another artist's name in a song title.READ MORE

Nick Drake

8 Music Biopics We'd Love To See: David Bowie, Nick Drake, And More

Exclusives 16:17PM EDT

With the recent news of biopics about N.W.A. and Aaliyah, I started thinking about some musicians whose lives I'd like to see dramatized in a film. Here are eight musical biopics that I'd love to see.READ MORE

Depeche Mode -

8 Great Songs With Fake-Out Endings: The Beatles, Depeche Mode, and more

Exclusives 14:50PM EDT

Just like some movies have an extra scene after the end credits, some songs take a similarly experimental approach with their conclusions, by making the listeners think they've finished when they actually haven't. Here are eight great songs with fake-out endings.READ MORE

Pink Floyd -

5 Underrated Follow-Ups To Classic Albums: Pink Floyd, Green Day, and more

Exclusives 15:44PM EDT

Releasing a classic album is both a blessing and a curse for a musician. It may feel great to have created something that people love, but you're also faced with the massive pressure of following it up. Some artists are able to follow their classics with more classics, but most of the time these follow-ups albums are seen as disappointments. These five albums had the misfortune of being released after classics, but are much better than they're given credit for.READ MORE

Peter Gabriel -

7 Artists Who Recruited Old Bandmates For Solo Albums: Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, and more

Exclusives 09:19AM EDT

When musicians leave their bands and go on to record solo albums, it seems like their former bandmates would be the last people they'd want to help out. However, these seven musicians actually recruited their old bandmates to perform on their solo albums.READ MORE

Radiohead -

6 Songs with studio banter: The Beatles, Radiohead, and more

Exclusives 12:15PM EDT

There are probably thousands of hours of recording studio banter between musicians that have been thrown away by engineers, but sometimes, artists choose to leave these little bits of conversation in the album's finished version. Here are six songs that have studio banter in them.READ MORE

Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, 1967

7 Songs Written About Ex-Bandmates: Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and more

Exclusives 09:05AM EDT

Being in a band can be stressful work. Sometimes this can lead to vicious disputes between bandmates or untimely departures from the band, and because these are musicians we're talking about, songs are inevitably written about these tensions. These seven songs were written about estranged or long lost bandmates.READ MORE

8 Bands That Should Be On Classic Rock Radio: The Replacements, the Buzzcocks, and more

Exclusives 17:24PM EDT

Classic rock radio is, by its own design, a very stagnant radio format. While a lot of excellent songs are played, there’s never going to be new “classic rock” band to come along and shake things up. What these radio stations could do, though, is dig a little deeper and give some of these artists a spin.READ MORE

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