After more than two decades of marriage, Bruce Jenner was finally recently able to take a deep sigh of relief because he is no longer under Kris Jenner's thumb. While she may still control the family business, she has virtually no say in how her ex is now handling his personal life, and it is a development that she no doubt hates -- especially since Bruce and his upcoming docuseries has been grabbing headlines for weeks now, according to TMZ.. Kris may not want to actually deal with the reality of his transformation, but she certainly wants to be a part of his new show, and that is creating a bit of a problem. He is refusing to allow his ex to be a part of the show.

According to a report by Radar Online, Bruce is bound and determined to tell his story his way and that means his ex will not be involved. Kris, no doubt realizing the amount of money this docuseries could rake in, of course is pushing to be able to share a piece of the pie, but so far he is just not having it.

It actually makes a lot of sense that Bruce would choose to freeze his ex out. If he wants to honestly tell his story, then he knows Kris would object to a lot of things. Her version of reality TV is generally what makes the family look good. There is a lot of struggle in Bruce's sex change, and not only is it something that Kris probably does not understand, but she certainly would not want to put it all out there.

Is Bruce smart not to allow Kris to have her hands in this project? If she did, do you think it would end up being as fake as the other things that the cast of Keeping Up with the Kardashians pass off as their real, everyday lives? Bruce's show is reportedly scheduled to begin airing in either May or June. After more than a year of speculation and drama that has played out in the media, will you be tuning in to watch Bruce explain things himself?

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