Ozuna made a big announcement at the VMAs red carpet right after debuting his new single on MTV's stage the very same night.

The Puerto Rican was not nominated in any of the categories. Instead, he was invited as one of the chosen performers at the award show. MTV News correspondent Dometi Pongo interviewed the artist right after, where the public got all the juicy details and more.

The singer just showcased his most recent song, "La Funka," before his interview with Dometi when he revealed the possible female collaborations on his upcoming album.

Sources reported Ozuna had admitted to having Megan Thee Stallion and Korean girl group BLACKPINK on possibly two different songs. In the short clip released by MTV News' official Twitter account, the "Una Locura" singer had name-dropped the two hot-shot acts along with DJ Snake.


What's Coming Up Next?

Ozuna wanted to "give some back" to the award show by making his announcement live on the red carpet. According to this article, the singer had appeared excited as he cheekily shared the news with the interviewer.

"I think, like, VMAs is so special so I get [something] so special for VMAs [and] premier my new single 'La Funka,'" said the celebrity right before he declares his comeback album collabs.

Although, it's still unclear if the artists that Ozuna mentioned will all be featured in one single track similar to his previous project "Taki Taki" with DJ Snake, which also had Selena Gomez and Cardi B on it. At least we know it's going to be on his next album.

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BLACKPINK Fans React to Ozuna's News

As news of the feature spread on social media, BLACKPINK fans- Blink have said nothing but positive things about the feature and are excited about the song's release.

The majority of them are celebrating this incredible collaboration between artists of different genres and ethnicities. However, some still can't believe the news "OZUNA X BLACKPINK IS COMING??? THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED," said user @cyanblink.

"This probably means one of the songs Rosé and Jennie worked on while in LA is it? It could be?" one fan tweeted and has already connected the dots.

  While another Blink is already predicting YouTube to freeze, "If Ozuna and BLACKPINK song will have an MV, I'm so scared about the youtube views."

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