Ozuna's most awaited collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion and Blackpink Lisa is finally coming to fruition, as music producer DJ Snake uploaded a teaser video on social media.

According to sources, it was just a month ago when Ozuna publicly shared the details of his upcoming single. In a past red carpet interview, the "Uno Locura" singer revealed that he was already working on a new album just after releasing and performing "La Funka" at the VMAs.

The Puerto Rico-born musician had name-dropped the artists included in the surprise single during his announcement, which is already set on becoming another one of his multi-national hits.

Ozuna's Global Collaboration

The collaboration will feature artists of different nationalities and musical genres, as Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lisa from Blackpink have different expertise in their performances.

Popsugar reported that the track's producer, DJ Snake, posted the short teaser clip announcing the news. On October 13, he uploaded the video on Twitter and Instagram with the caption "COMING SOON," and tagged all the musicians participating in the track.

  The DJ followed it up with a tweet that read "S-O-L-M 100%," which fans are speculating is an abbreviation for all of the collaborators' names, Snake, Ozuna, Lisa, and Megan Thee Stallion. READ ALSO: Megan Thee Stallion Receives Backlash From Kodak Black Producer, Singer Labeled 'No Talent' And Uses Ghostwriter? 

Netizens React to the News

Although four people are involved in creating the upcoming track, one fandom is more excited about the announcement than the others. Blackpink fans, better known as Blinks, flooded DJ Snake's notification through comments and quoted tweets under his teaser post.

The tweet garnered over 84,000 likes and more than 43,000 retweets, with at least 23% of those are quote tweets. Most of them were thrilled by the news,

"I've been waiting to see @theestallion and Lisa dance together," stated one fan while another said, "LALISA YOU ALWAYS WIN MY BABY."

An impatiently excited fan curiously asked, "When is sooooooo like soon soon or like we gonna keep y'all waiting for months soon."

"Can't wait to dance to this sexy girl music! I'm not sexy but I feel I am when I hear the intro," another BLINK said, who then thanked DJ Snake for including their favorite artist, "SOLM IS COMING SOON and LISA from Blackpink will shake our world."

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