Seventeen's Chinese members Jun and THE8 will not be participating in the group's Korean activities as they are scheduled to return home.

The 13-membered boyband announced their return to the music scene with a mid-October comeback and local promotions. However, Pledis Entertainment recently released a statement confirming Jun and THE8's overseas and individual activities.

Soompi reported that the boy group will temporarily work with the remaining 11 members, starting from September to December 2021.

Today Seventeen's label took their announcement to the group's official Twitter account to inform the fans. "Our company provides full support for both the group and individual activities of SEVENTEEN," the announcement prefaced.

  Pledis clarified that Jun and THE8 have pending work waiting for them in China, which got postponed because of the pandemic.

Seventeen Members Show Their Support

Seventeen's Wonwoo, Joshua, and Dokyeom leave some parting words for THE8 as a way to show their support.

In the official fan app, Weverse, THE8 had posted his farewell message to their fans, Carats, who were shocked by the news. Along with a separate post containing endearing photos taken by the performer, other group members comforted THE8 with their replies.

"Make sure to hug your parents since you haven't seen them in a while... Have a leisurely time. Don't overwork yourself too," advised rapper Wonwoo. Main vocal Dokyeom also left a comment, "As long as you do the many things you want to do without getting hurt, we can't ask for any more from you."

Meanwhile, Joshua made a whole post dedicated to the two members who have already left for China. "I just think that it's a relief that both of you get to see your parents after so long," the singer said while also asking them to video call him frequently.

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Fans React to the News

Although the news might sadden some, the overall reaction from Seventeen's fans had been extremely positive. "4 months for us isn't going to be too long for JunHao who haven't seen their families in 2 years, I'm genuinely so happy for them," said one Carat.

Another account posted a cute vid of THE8 with his mom to celebrate his return home, "So glad he will finally see his family after so long."

  "I am also happy for Junhui's little brother, he loves his brother so much and now they will be together again," one fan pointed out.

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