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Mike Herring

Pandora CFO Mike Herring Says "Steve Jobs Eviscerated The Music Industry"

Buzz 16:25PM EDT

On an investor's conference call on Thursday, Pandora Chief Financial Officer Mike Herring opened up about the company's plans for future royalty rates, why Rdio failed and took shots at Apple Music saying, "Steve Jobs eviscerated the music industry."READ MORE

Jimmy Iovine saying more sexist remarks?

Jimmy Iovine Apologizes For Saying Finding Music Is Very Difficult For Women

Buzz 12:29PM EDT

Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine finds himself in hot water after making some remarkable comments yesterday in an interview alongside Mary J. Blige on CBS This Morning. Discussing the streaming service's new campaign targeted women, Iovine showed his age with a hint of demeaning sexism by saying that women "find it very difficult to find music." In response to the uproar of his comments, Iovine has backtracked and apologized.READ MORE

Apple Music

Apple Music's Android App Doesn't Fix its Biggest Problem

Buzz 20:58PM EDT

In order to compete in a crowded music streaming market, Apple had to make an Android app for its latest music service and while it's clean and functional just like the iOS app, it doesn't do much to fix some of the key issues it had at launch four months ago.READ MORE

Facebook Music Stories

Share Apple Music and Spotify Clips to Facebook With New Music Stories Feature for iPhone

Buzz 16:03PM EDT

Today, Facebook launched a new feature called Music Stories for its iPhone app, which allows users to share Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes songs to their news feeds and preview the posted song natively on the social network.READ MORE

YouTube Red

YouTube Red Subscription Video Service Takes on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal

Buzz 21:36PM EDT

In the often talked about battle of music subscription services, three big players are most frequently talked about. Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal lead the pack and the discussions. However, what is usually left out of that conversation is the fact that with more than 1 billion users, YouTube trumps them all in terms of numbers, and today the video service announced the rollout of a new subscription model dubbed YouTube Red, which the company hopes will bring more money to content creators, more videos and more viewership.READ MORE

Apple Music, Getty Images

Apple Music Confirms They Have 3 Times Less Subscribers Than Spotify

Buzz 11:13AM EDT

Although Apple launched itself into the world of music streaming back in June with their new platform Apple Music, Spotify remains the current frontrunner with nearly 3 times as many paid subscribers. Will Apple Music survive in this competitive environment?READ MORE

Daniel Ek

US CD Sales Plummet 31% in First Quarter While Music Streaming Rises

Buzz 21:01PM EDT

New music industry figures prove what we've all known for a while, CDs are out and music streaming is in. U.S. CD sales plummeted 31.5 percent in the first quarter of 2015 while music streaming largely made up the difference with a 23 percent rise.READ MORE

Eric Schmidt

Google Founder Eric Schmidt Calls Apple Music "Elitist" as Opposed to "Democratic"

Buzz 21:49PM EDT

In an op-ed for the BBC, Google founder and Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt had some harsh words directed at Apple Music's tactics to pursue human curated playlists, calling the approach "elitist" (as opposed to Google's own "Democratic" approach).READ MORE

Lil Wayne at 2015 Billboard Hot 100 Festival

Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth Drop "Nothing But Trouble" Video off '808' Soundtrack [WATCH]

Buzz 18:03PM EDT

Lil Wayne and Charlie Puth have joined forces to release the official video to "Nothing But Trouble," their single from the soundtrack to '808,' the upcoming documentary on the ever-influential Roland TR-808 drum machine. Check out the new video below, via Apple Music.READ MORE

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher Compares Apple Music 24/7 Internet Radio to George Orwell

Buzz 17:43PM EDT

In an interview with the Varvet International Podcast, Noel Gallagher ripped into music in the digital age, taking shots at Apple Music's 24/7 Internet radio, Beats 1 by saying "Apple Music, world radio, is that some sort of George Orwell sh-t going on?"READ MORE

Pharrell Freedom Music Video

Pharrell Releases 'Freedom' Music Video: 'Happy' Singer Liberates World [WATCH]

Buzz 13:56PM EDT

After being initially premiered on Apple Music as part of their big launch last month, Pharrell has at last released the music video to his new single "Freedom" to the general public via YouTube. More serious than "Happy" but no less inspiring, Pharrell's "Freedom" video has the singer liberate the world. The video follows Pharrell as he teleports around the world to various groups of people who are trapped in their situations and then, as we watch over the course of the video, they slowly free themselves from their trappings, either physical or emotional.READ MORE

Neil Young

Neil Young Removes Music from Streaming Services, Cites Awful Audio

Buzz 08:45AM EDT

Neil Young has joined performers such as Taylor Swift and Prince in removing his music from the majority of streaming services, however he cites audio quality and not financial elements for the decision. The godfather of grunge has always been an audio-obsessive, but there's a chance that this recent decision was simply to help boost use of his personal service, Pono.READ MORE

'The Chronic' by Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre and 'The Chronic' in Billboard 200 for First Time in 20 Years

Buzz 10:58AM EDT

Dr. Dre and his classic album The Chronic have returned to the Billboard 200 for the first time in more than 20 years, coming in at no. 72 on this week's chart thanks to a new wave of digital "sales."READ MORE

Eric Prydz One Mix

Eric Prydz Delivers First Apple Music Beats 1, One Mix

Buzz 10:03AM EDT

The first guest invited up to the controls this past weekend on July 4 was Eric Prydz, who spun some very memorable Essential Mixes for Pete Tong at the BBC and had several tracks premiered by Zane Lowe as the Hottest Record in the World as well. Pryda did not hold back with a 10-track playlist consisting of nine of his own songs, eight of which have not been released yet.READ MORE

Stormy weather and clouds in Chicago.

Chicago 'Cloud Tax' Adding 9 Percent Charge to Audio and Video Streaming

Buzz 12:28PM EDT

Residents of Chicago are already well familiar with the city's taxes on various forms of entertainment, and now those taxes will be passed along to streaming services such as Spotify for music and Netflix for video. The "cloud tax" will be 9 percent.READ MORE

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