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Tame Impala Offers Free Magic Bus Experience; 'Currents' Scores First UK Top 10 Album

Buzz 17:04PM EDT

For the very first time, Tame Impala has erupted in the Top 10 of the UK's Official Albums Chart with their third dance-leaning studio album, 'Currents.' The Perth, Australian band's third LP stormed the charts today and stole the number three slot, undoubtedly surpassing the successes of their 2012 debut album, 'Innerspeaker,' which sat at Number 144 and their 202 follow-up album, 'Lonerism', which peaked at Number 14.READ MORE

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Tame Impala's Dance-Leaning 'Currents' Available to Stream Ahead of Release

Buzz 13:26PM EDT

A few days ahead of 'Currents's July 17 release, Tame Impala is currently streaming its third studio album in its entirety across NPR Radio and CBC Music. Shadowing the Australian band's 2010 debut album 'Innerspeaker' and their 2012 sophomore follow-up 'Lonerism,' Kevin Parker and company decided to voyage in a differect direction for a more dance-leaning LP.READ MORE

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Tame Impala Teases New Track 'Nangs' in 'Currents in the Making' Video [WATCH]

Buzz 16:20PM EDT

In anticipation of Tame Impala's third studio album summer release, the band decided to release a behind-the-scenes video recounting the creation of their 2015 LP, 'Currents.' Directed by Matt Sav and Tame Impala front man Kevin Parker, the video gives viewers deeper insight to Parker's creative processes.READ MORE

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Tame Impala's Kevin Parker Denies Rumors Labeling 'Cause I'm A Man' Sexist

Buzz 11:34AM EDT

The lyrics to Tame Impala's "Cause I'm A Man," are rumored to be sexist, but front man Kevin Parker knew this day would come, denying any negative connotations and sexist interpretations. Releasing the song in conjunction with their third studio album Currents, some have dissected the lyrics as Parker's way to attribute his bad behavior to simply being a male. The lyrics read, "Cause I'm a man, woman, Don't always think before I do, Cause I'm a man, woman, That's the only answer I've got for you."READ MORE

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Tame Impala Unveil 3D Video Crafted by Weirdcore for 'Currents' Single "Cause I'm A Man" [WATCH]

Buzz 16:53PM EDT

Perth, Australian rockers Tame Impala have been dropping tracks in preparation and celebration of their third studio LP release of Currents on July 17. Now, a 3D, mesmerizing video has been unveiled for the album's lead single 'Cause I'm a Man.'READ MORE

Kevin Parker

Tame Impala Frontman Kevin Parker Shares New Track 'Disciples' on Reddit [LISTEN]

Buzz 11:36AM EDT

Following their freshman and sophomore albums 'Innerspeaker' and 'Lonerism,' Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala will shortly see the release of their third LP, 'Currents.' Talking to fans through a Reddit Ask Me Anything, front man Kevin Parker divulged detailed stories as well as the third track off of 'Currents.'READ MORE

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Tame Impala Discuss New Album 'Currents', Release Album Artwork and New Track 'Cause I'm A Man' [LISTEN]

Genres 17:51PM EDT

Hailing from Perth Australia and having two albums under their belts, Tame Impala will debut their third studio album, 'Currents' later this year featuring new single 'Cause I'm a Man.'READ MORE

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