Monica Lewinsky - Twitter

Thousands Follow Monica Lewinsky on Twitter in the Hopes that She Will Mention Affair with President Clinton

Off-Key 15:38PM EDT

Well, the Twitterverse may have just gotten a little more interesting as Monica Lewinsky decided to join it earlier today. One simple tweet that said, "#HereWeGo" launched tons of interest and speculation into what exactly Lewinsky is going to share with the world — especially after choosing to remain silent for the better part of a decade. It is not that she has yet to post anything amazing, but the potential for what she could choose to say that has everyone excited — especailly her affair with President Bill Clinton.READ MORE

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi - Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Officially Deny Baby Rumors [WATCH]

Off-Key 11:36AM EDT

There was no preferential treatment when Portia de Rossi sat down to be interviewed by her wife of six years, Ellen DeGeneres on her daily talk show. In the interview which aired on Tuesday, de Rossi addressed everything from her new guest-starring role on a hot little show called Scandal, to the multitude of rumors that surround her personal life. One of the biggest ones out there in recent months is the notion that the couple has worked through a rough patch and is now ready to become parents.READ MORE

Edward Snowden - Getty Images

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Shares Privacy Tips And Warns About File Sharing Programs In New Interview

Off-Key 17:14PM EDT

In recent weeks there has been a lot of conversation about hacking and privacy rights in general. Thanks to celebs like Jennifer Lawrence having their nude photos stolen and then leaked for the entire world to see it has made many reconsider the privacy laws that are already in existence. It also might be time to reconsider just how private some of the internet services that many use really are. When thinking of internet security it seems logical that the man who was able to breach government security would also be one of the best sources to explain how everyday people can protect themselves.READ MORE

Stephen Collins - Getty Images

Stephen Collins' World Continues To Crumble As Talent Agency Drops Him Amid Child Molestation Allegations

Off-Key 13:12PM EDT

In the matter of just several days Stephen Collins has gone from being an actor most often cast as a father figure to being an out of work actor knee deep in allegations of sexual abuse. Collins is in the midst of a messy divorce from his second wife, Faye Grant and somewhere along the way an audio tape leaked to the press that has caused NYPD to re-open an investigation. The audio was supposedly recorded in 2012 in a therapy session between the couple and on it Collins allegedly admits to molesting young girls in the past. It's the kind of scandal that causes everyone to quickly sever ties and now Collins talent agency has also cut him.READ MORE

Vera Wang - Getty Images

Secret Service Proves They Are Serious About Security By Pulling Vera Wang, Jenna Lyons Out Of White House Event Due To Paperwork Error

Off-Key 11:44AM EDT

Apparently White House security measures have intensified after weeks of scandal. The Secret Service has been accused of dropping the ball repeatedly and security issues came to a head last week with the resignation of Julia Pierson, who had served as director of the organization. The Secret Service vowed to beef up their security measures and apparently fashion mavens, Vera Wang and Jenna Lyon's learned first hand that they aren't kidding as both were blocked from entering the White House.READ MORE

Jay Z and Beyonce - Getty Images

While Media Speculates On Divorce Beyoncé And Jay Z Have Actually Been Recording Joint Album

Off-Key 09:35AM EDT

Perhaps all of those divorce rumors were meant to divert attention from what Beyoncé and Jay Z really had up their sleeves. A few weeks after winding down their On The Run tour the couple appears to be on very solid footing. They have been spotted shopping for real estate in both L.A. And Paris, something that divorcing couples simply never do. Sources are also claiming that Beyoncé and Jay Z are actually sneaking into the studio to record, together.READ MORE

Nicki Minaj Anaconda

Nicki Minaj's 'The Pink Print' Single 'Anaconda' Goes Platinum After Video Breaks VEVO Record, Eric Bellinger Production Credit Scandal

Buzz 21:00PM EDT

Nicki Minaj's latest single "Anaconda" from her forthcoming album "The Pink Print" has officially gone platinum. News of the record's milestone comes after a broken VEVO record and scandal over production credit with singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger.READ MORE

Brett Favre - Getty Images

The NFL Allegedly Dragged Out, Bungled Their Investigation of Brett Favre Years Ago To Make League Look Better

Off-Key 13:58PM EDT

Thanks in great part to the Ray Rice scandal the NFL has found itself under fire since the very start of the current season. There have been calls from anti-violence groups for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to step down as the organization scrambles to save face and put the brakes on the kind of scandal that could easily cost several suits their jobs. At the root of the situation is whether or not NFL higher-ups saw that now-infamous elevator video and chose to ignore it and give Rice a slap on the wrist so that he could continue playing.READ MORE

Olympic Rings - Getty Images

Beijing, Almaty Bidding to Host 2022 Winter Olympics Solely After Corruption Accusations of International Olympic Committee

News 17:31PM EDT

Remember when bidding to host an Olympic Games was considered to be such a huge deal and several countries would wait to hear if they made the final cut before a host country was finally selected? There would be buzz years in advance about what countries might bid and excited speculation on whether or not the U.S. would throw its hat into the proverbial ring. That is how it used to be, but fast forward to the Winter Games for 2022, and instead of countries fighting for the honor, they are withdrawing their bids. Only Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan, are interested are interested despite many who think the International Olympic Committee is corrupt.READ MORE

Melissa Claire Egan, Michael Muhney, Sharon Case

Michael Muhney Talks About Being Fired from 'The Young and the Restless' by Showrunner Jill Farren Phelps Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations Concerning Hunter King

News 12:23PM EDT

In December 2013, Michael Muhney was abruptly fired from the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless amid allegations of sexual harassment. The actor was allegedly fired by showrunner Jill Farren Phelps because of his unprofessional behavior toward Hunter King, a younger costar. Fans were in an uproar while cast members publicly weighed in on the scandal as it literally reached tabloid proportions. A few months ago, Y&R was recasting the role Muhney had vacated and he came extremely close to working out a deal with the brass to return, something that would have thrilled his mountain of fans.READ MORE

Amber Rose - Getty Images

Amber Rose Reportedly Texting Ex-Boyfriend Kanye West Daily Since Splitting from Wiz Khalifa

Trending News 14:45PM EDT

Before Kanye West had made it his mission to turn Kim Kardashian into his version of the perfect wife, he had a fairly complicated romance with Amber Rose.READ MORE

Jay Z and Beyonce - Getty Images

Beyonce, Jay Z Shoot Down Divorce Chatter by Mansion Shopping In L.A. Area

Buzz 14:00PM EDT

It looks like that supposed divorce is off for Jay Z and Beyoncé.READ MORE

Amanda Knox - Getty Images

Amanda Knox Spotted with New Rocker Beau Colin Sutherland While Awaiting Appeal of Second Murder Conviction

News 13:09PM EDT

Amanda Knox is best known for her conviction in Italy for murdering 21-year-old English exchange student Meredith Kercher with then-lover Rafaelle Sollecito.READ MORE

Katie Couric, Al Roker and Ann Curry - Getty Images

New Tell-All Book Dishes Dirt on Katie Couric's Mean Girl Antics Toward Ann Curry on 'The Today Show'

News 15:17PM EDT

Remember when Katie Couric was on The Today Show and she was kind of marketed as the girl next door? She was cute, perky and sweet — or at least that is what they wanted us to believe.READ MORE

Viola Davis - Getty Images

Shonda Rhimes' 'How To Get Away With Murder' Finally Premieres On ABC Tonight With Viola Davis At The Helm [WATCH]

News 11:33AM EDT

It's finally here. Of course I'm talking about the premiere in the latest Shondaland series, How To Get Away With Murder which will no doubt grace a multitude of televisions this evening. In case the build up for this show wasn't already huge (it was) it grabbed even more headlines in the past week when a New York Times tv critic made the mistake of dismissing the amazing Shonda Rhimes as an "angry, black woman". Fans as well as a nice parade of stars who have been fortunate enough to voice characters carefully crafted by Rhimes swung back until the NYT's issued an apology of sorts and even more people were prepared to tune into this new show.READ MORE

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