Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose in June 2013

Amber Rose's Split From Wiz Khalifa Getting Messy As Nick Cannon Denies Involvement

News 08:25AM EDT

Less than 24 hours after learning that Amber Rose officially filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa the mud-slinging has already started. Rumors have swirled all month that their marriage had hit the skids and when Rose signed to have Nick Cannon manage her career last week some thought things were a little fishy. The two supposedly go way back and have tons of chemistry so it was alleged that the relationship is about a lot more than just business. Yesterday after word of the split broke Cannon also released a statement insisting that there is no romance between himself and Rose but not everyone is buying that it seems.READ MORE

Shonda Rhimes - Getty Images

New York Times Apologizes for Piece Bashing Shonda Rhimes but TV Critic Alessandra Stanley Still Doesn't Seem to Get How Offensive Her Words Were

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Last Friday, "The New York Times" published an online piece by longtime television critic Alessandra Stanley, and the reaction was explosive.READ MORE

Minnesota Vikings Logo - Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings Co-Owner's Son Entered Pretrial Program After Assaulting His Wife Last Year

News 17:25PM EDT

Is anyone really surprised to learn that domestic violence chargers exist even behind the scenes in the NFL? Probably not. Just last year the Minnesota Vikings had another issue to try and keep under wraps. The teams' co-owner is David Mandelbaum, a real-estate mogul by day who has a son named Michael Mandelbaum, an attorney. Apparently just last year Michael was in the midst of a rough divorce from his wife, Debra Mandelbaum, when things got heated and she fell down a flight of stairs. After regaining consciousness, Debra told paramedics that a physical scuffle led to her tumble.READ MORE

Shonda Rhimes - Getty Images

The New York Times Slams Shonda Rhimes As 'Angry Black Woman' And Hollywood Swings Back

News 10:32AM EDT

Surely you all know who Shonda Rhimes is, right? If not she is the mastermind behind such hit shows as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. She is also producing a hotly anticipated little ditty this fall called How To Get Away With Murder which stars Viola Davis. In other words, in an incredibly difficult industry, Shonda has managed to claw her way to the top of the story telling pile. Not only is she talented and respected, but those working with Shonda have no problem singing her praises as a beloved friend as well. Apparently someone at The New York Times doesn't get the appeal and dared to call her "an angry black woman" this week.READ MORE

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea Sues Ex Maurice Williams Over Leaked Music And Forged Contract

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Iggy Azalea must really be regretting all the time that she spent with ex-boyfriend Maurice Williams (aka Hefe Wine) all of those years ago. Apparently the two lived together between 2008 and 2009, long before Iggy hit it big and before things turned sour Williams downloaded the entire contents of her computer to a jump drive. Of course Iggy alleges that this was done without her consent and she became aware of the infringement when Williams announced that he will release an EP by her entitled Inizio on September 30th.READ MORE

Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy - Getty Images

Greg Hardy Deactivated By Carolina Panthers Due To Domestic Violence Conviction As NFL Tries To Repair Image Under Commissioner Roger Goodell's Orders

News 16:30PM EDT

Has the NFL finally woken up and decided that violence of any nature committed by their players looks really bad on the part of the organization and it shouldn't be tolerated? Today, after surviving one of the worst weeks in the history of the NFL, the Carolina Panthers decided to deactivate defensive end Greg Hardy because of his July conviction on a domestic violence charge stemming from an incident back in May.READ MORE

Adrian Peterson - Getty Images

Anti-NFL Social Media Campaign Takes Off Thanks To Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson And Roger Goodell Scandal

News 12:37PM EDT

Oh what a difference one week can make. Last weekend the NFL was anticipating a great season and instead this week turned into one of the worst in the organization's history- and not because of anything that has transpired on the field. The week began with that horrific video of Ray Rice punching his wife, Janay Palmer and within hours he was fired from the Baltimore Ravens team and suspended indefinitely. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell quickly found himself in the hot seat with many calling for him to step down and that was before Minnesota Vikings' star player, Adrian Peterson was charged with causing injury to a child- his 4-year old son.READ MORE

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell - Getty Images

32 NFL Team Owners Prepared To Fire Commissioner Roger Goodell If He Purposely Lied About Ray Rice's Violent Videotape

News 15:41PM EDT

What began as an incident of domestic violence between former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and his wife, Janay Palmer has quickly turned into a full blown scandal that is rocking the entire NFL. When the elevator surveillance tape of Rice punching Palmer in the side of the face first turned up online a few days ago NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell insisted that no one in the league had seen it before the general public had access to it. That notion has been called into question because phone records prove that someone at the NFL's main headquarters not only received the tape but also viewed it. Goodell at first refused to consider stepping down but if he has been lying then team owners are prepared to oust him.READ MORE

Michael Muhney - Getty Images

Former 'The Young & The Restless' Star Michael Muhney Almost Returned To The Show In Spite Of Sexual Harassment Allegations Made By Hunter King

News 12:35PM EDT

Last December the soap opera world was rocked with a scandal that got far more national coverage then anything their writers' could dream up. Michael Muhney had spent years garnering rave reviews for his work as Adam Newman over on 'The Young & The Restless'. He was one of the most popular actors on the show until a younger co-star, Hunter King accused him of groping her breasts. Muhney was eventually dismissed in spite of it being a he said-she said kind of situation and the most diehard soap fans rallied around the actor.READ MORE

Joan Rivers - Getty Images

Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic Claims They Did Not Perform Biopsy Leading To Joan Rivers Cardiac Arrest

News 11:21AM EDT

Nearly two weeks after Joan Rivers checked into The Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic for a minor procedure the facility is beginning to speak up. Yesterday morning a report surfaced claiming that the doctor who operated on Joan saw something on her vocal cords and proceeded to do a biopsy on it. The report further stated that her vocal cords seized during the biopsy, blocking her airway completely and that this was what likely lead to the comedienne's cardiac arrest. Now the Yorkville Clinic has come out swinging saying that no biopsy was done on Joan.READ MORE

Scandal Cast - Getty Images

Where In The World Is Olivia Pope: 'Scandal' Season 4 Promo Is Here [WATCH]

News 12:51PM EDT

It's finally almost here! What fans can't stop talking about: the premiere of Season 4 of 'Scandal' - arguably the best show on television and it has the ratings to help rock that idea. When we last saw Olivia Pope (played to perfection by Kerry Washington) she was on a plane headed to god knows where with her runner-up and second choice boyfriend, Jake (Scott Foley). Where exactly they were headed was a mystery, but by the time they had boarded Olivia's whole life, family and life's' work had come crumbling down around her in a way that makes even the strongest people completely pack it in. ABC has decided to tease us with an all-too-short promo for season 4 that gives us absolutely no idea where she is.READ MORE

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi - Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres Addresses The Tabloids Insisting That She And Portia De Rossi Are Divorcing In Season 12 Talk Show Opener

News 10:35AM EDT

One of the most talked about Hollywood couples over this past summer has to have been Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. If you listened to the media then you had no choice but to think that these two were on the verge of divorce. Supposedly Ellen is an impossible diva that cheated on Portia while Portia supposedly had given in to her old demons and partied herself right into a 30-day rehab stint. Even Ellen realized she needed to say something and so in the very first monologue of season 12 of her talk show, she decided to take on all of the bad press.READ MORE

Scandal Cast 45th Annual NAACP Awards- Getty Images

Television Characters Like 'Scandal's Olivia Pope and 'The Blacklist's Ray Reddington Are The New Prime Time Heroes

Trending News 14:11PM EDT

Have you ever really thought about the characters that we fall in love with on television? I don't mean just rattling off a bunch of names but actually think about it. If you're like me then I'm going to bet that several of those fictional people that you adore you would also run like hell from in real life. How many of us would really pull for someone like Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) - Scandal's official fixer, when she's not too busy banging the married president or Ray Reddington (James Spader) who spent the majority of his life killing for fun before deciding it was time to help the agents that he eluded for decades over on The Blacklist?READ MORE

Seth Meyers / Weird Al Yankovic - 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s Emmy Parody Originally Included ‘True Detective’ & ‘Downton Abbey’

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No matter how much we all loved “Weird Al” Yankovic’s hilarious parody performance on last night’s Emmy Awards, in which the famed comedy-musician sang a number of main theme title songs from some of our favorite television shows, Vulture reports that it was supposed to be much longer … and include HBO’s True Detective.READ MORE

Weird Al Yankovic - Emmys 2014 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

Emmys 2014: Weird Al Yankovic Stops By To Parody Our Favorite Television Show Main Title Themes: ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Scandal,’ And More [WATCH]

Trending News 22:04PM EDT

Fresh off the success of his newest album Mandatory Fun, Weird Al Yankovic took some time to stop by the 2014 Emmy Awards earlier this evening to parody some of our favorite television shows of today.READ MORE

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