Kerry Washington - April 2015 Cover

Kerry Washington Learned the Hard Way Not to Share All of Her Personal Life with the Press

Off-Key 13:15PM EDT

The first thing that people will notice about Kerry Washington's April cover of Marie Claire magazine is the fact that she actually looks like herself. The last time we saw her on the newsstand there was a lot of criticism because her skin appeared far lighter than it actually is. This time out the actress looks as absolutely stunning as we're used to seeing her each week on Scandal.READ MORE

Kerry Washington - March 2015 Cover

Kerry Washington Loves the Conversation That Her New 'In Style' Cover Has Started

Off-Key 12:29PM EDT

Kerry Washington has a legion of fans that not only love her work as Olivia Pope on ABC's Scandal, but they are also quick to rush to her defense the second they think she is not being treated well. The actress graces the March cover of In Style magazine and gives an incredible interview within its pages, but unfortunately there is something quite off about the cover. It looks like Washington's skin had been digitally lightened and her fans reacted with outrage. Always gracious, Washington has managed to maneuver through the negativity and has emerged grateful for the conversation the cover has started.READ MORE

Prince Andrew - Getty Images

Prince Andrew Will Address 'Sex Slave' Allegations at World Economic Forum

Off-Key 15:16PM EDT

It sounds like Prince Andrew is preparing to do something that is fairly unthinkable for most members of the royal family. He is seriously considering addressing the accusations that he paid for a teenage sex slave 13 years ago. Virginia Roberts has filed a civil suit against convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and Prince Andrew is named in it as one of the men she was paid to have sex with when she was only 17. Andrew is expected to speak in Davos, Switzerland, Thursday, Jan. 22, at the World Economic Forum and he is reportedly going to address the scandal.READ MORE

Bill Cosby - Getty Images

Bill Cosby Joked About Rape Allegations While on Stage in Canada Last Night

Off-Key 11:22AM EDT

Bill Cosby let everyone at his London, Ontario show on Thursday night know exactly how he feels about the sexual assault allegations by various women that have been stacking up against him for the last two months. In a brief exchange with a woman in the audience, the comedian made a joking reference to allegations that he has been drugging and assaulting women for decades. The audience was stunned at first and then began to applaud Cosby's candor.READ MORE

Al Roker and Matt Lauer - Getty images

Did 'Today's' Matt Lauer Have an Affair with Giada De Laurentiis?

Off-Key 12:36PM EDT

Giada De Laurentiis has been plagued with rumors ever since announcing her split from husband Todd Thompson last week. She has been accused of cheating on her soon-to-be-ex with several different men, and while De Laurentiis is denying all accusations of infidelity, there is one that is raising eyebrows. The celebrity chef has been accused of hooking up with the host of "The Today Show," Matt Lauer, who is often the subject of cheating rumors himself. According to Page Six, De Laurentiis denies getting cozy with the married Lauer in 2011 in Barbados, where he was filming a segment for the NBC morning news program. The problem is that Lauer has been accused of cheating on his long-suffering wife Annette Rogue, with numerous women over the course of their 17-year marriage. Even just a few weeks ago we told you about how Lauer chose to spend last summer holed up in his New York City apartment rather than out in the Hamptons with his wife and children. That was after NBC agreed to have a helicopter fly him to and from work each day so he could be close to his family all summer. It is Lauer's dicey history that is making many wonder if something did happen a few years ago with De Laurentiis.READ MORE

Bill Cosby - Getty Images

Two More Women Join Defamation Lawsuit Already Filed Against Bill Cosby

Off-Key 15:59PM EDT

Bill Cosby may actually be playing a few gigs in Canada this week, but back in the States his sexual assault scandal just got a little messier. For weeks now various women have come forward to accuse Cosby of drugging and then either assaulting or raping them once they were incapacitated, and finally the comedian decided to start fighting back. He hired investigators to dig up dirt on anyone making accusations, and he has also taken direct aim at any woman brave enough to publicly accuse him of wrongdoing. A defamation suit was filed against Cosby weeks ago by one of his alleged victims, Tamara Green, and now two more names have been added to that suit. According to a report by Page Six: "The amended complaint was filed Monday[, Jan. 5,] in U.S. District Court in Springfield, in western Massachusetts, where Cosby has a home in Shelburne Falls. "Cosby is the only defendant in the lawsuit, originally filed last month by Tamara Green, who said he drugged and assaulted her in the 1970s. The two new plaintiffs are Therese Serignese, who said he drugged and raped her in 1976, and Linda Traitz, who alleges he tried to drug her and then sexually groped her in 1970. "Attorney Joseph Cammarata, who represents the three women, said the civil action allows them to have their allegations heard since criminal statutes of limitation have expired."READ MORE

Bill Cosby - Getty Images

Bill Cosby to Play Three Shows This Week in Canada in Spite of Mixed Reactions

Off-Key 17:10PM EDT

While Bill Cosby may be having a hard time keeping his career going in the states right now, he will be doing a few of his stand up shows in Canada later this week. Many U.S. venues have either canceled shows that they had previously booked with the fallen star or else he has scrapped some scheduled gigs at the last minute. The end result has been the same, ever since women started to come forward and accuse Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, he hasn't been very marketable.READ MORE

Annie Collection - Print Ad

Petition Started Because Target Chose White Model to Promote New 'Annie' Film

Off-Key 13:46PM EDT

Quvenzhané Wallis has become the most sought-after child actress thanks to her leading role as the first black "Annie" in a remake of the legendary musical and hit film. Wallis's performance has earned her a Golden Globe nomination, not to mention a nice, fat paycheck. Target has attached itself to this successful film and has launched a limited Annie clothing collection for young girls. Some see it as a problem that the lead girl in the marketing campaign is a young, white model. A petition has been started on change.org, requesting that the retailer change its ads and then issue Wallis an apology. The actress attended Target's launch party wearing items from the new "Annie" collection to promote it, but then was replaced at the last minute and her fans have taken offense. The petition reads, in part: "Your recent Annie ads and in-store displays depicts [sic] a misleading depiction of the movie as it shows a Caucasian young lady [as] opposed to the star of the film- Quvenzhané Wallis. Though the model is quite professional, she does not speak to the relevance of the movie or main character. When the original Annie came out, everything was about Aileen Quinn or a character/person that emulated her...why not now Target? If you can show it online, show it in ALL of your stores with multiple signage with different girls not one! "Although Annie is a fictitious character, there has been a major uproar from protesters stating that they would not support the movie due to the star being African American. Is [this] the reason why Target maliciously hid Quvenzhané Wallis or refused to use an African American girl to depict Annie in their ads?"READ MORE

Don Lemon and Dan Rather - Twitter

Columbia Journalism Review Names CNN's Don Lemon Worst Reporter of the Year

Off-Key 13:33PM EDT

It's that point in the year when nearly every publication dishes out their "best and worst" lists and it seems that CNN's Don Lemon's reporting has been particularly noteworthy. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, Lemon has been named the worst reporter of 2014. Maybe it's the way that he manages to discredit victims on camera or perhaps it's how Lemon likes to make himself an active part of the stories that he's covering, in the end the result seems to always be the same — people really just don't like this guy.READ MORE

Phaedra Parks - Twitter

'RHOA's' Phaedra Parks Cancels Christmas Trip to Kentucky Prison to Visit Apollo Nida

Off-Key 13:28PM EDT

It looks like Apollo Nida's Christmas wasn't so merry after all. The reality star has been locked up in a Kentucky prison since September after pleading guilty to a string of charges last May. For a moment there it looked like "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"'s Phaedra Parks was going to take her sons to visit Nida, their father, in jail for the holiday but at the last minute she changed her mind.READ MORE

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby's Legal Team Insists CNN is Trying to Ruin Him

Off-Key 20:55PM EDT

Bill Cosby's uphill battle to save his career isn't even close to over yet. Instead, it seems like with each passing day we learn of a new accuser or someone offers up scathing details of an encounter with the actor that seem to prop up all of the other allegations that came before. When Beverly Johnson decided to speak out recently it seemed like a bit of a game-changer because no one seemed to really question her account and there was a shift in the way that the media covered this story. Cosby felt it enough to actually talk to a reporter in the hopes of dividing and conquering the media. It didn't work, so now Cosby's legal team is ripping into the media, one network at a time and they're starting with CNN.READ MORE

Bill Cosby - Getty Images

Bill Cosby Breaks His Silence Amid Scandal and Plays the Race Card to Divert Attention

Off-Key 11:26AM EDT

While women seem to have come pouring out of the woodwork to make allegations against Bill Cosby, for the most part he has stayed tight-lipped. Obviously his legal team has advised him that it is probably in his best interest not to comment, but last Friday Cosby spoke with a Page Six reporter and in the matter of just a few words attempted to play the race card. Cosby has requested that, in spite of all the allegations, the media do their job and remain neutral while covering this scandal and its daily updates. Apparently, Cosby does not expect the majority of the press to be able to do that, as he said, "Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind." It is more than a little bit ironic that Cosby opted to make a statement that would separate journalists by color, especially at this point in time when racial tensions are perhaps at an all-time high thanks to high-profile cases in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City. Cosby knew what he was tapping into when making that statement, and it also links to a bigger issue that is playing out in the form of protests all over the country.READ MORE

Columbus Short - Getty Images

Columbus Short Admits to Cocaine Use, Causing His Life to Spiral Out of Control Before Being Fired from 'Scandal'

Off-Key 11:16AM EDT

Columbus Short has had a life-altering year, as he began it starring on "Scandal," one of prime time's top dramas, and is wrapping it up by coming clean about his drug use. Short made headlines for a bar fight as well as alleged domestic violence against his then-wife Tuere Short and quickly found himself fired and divorced. In April, Short confirmed that he would not be returning to "Scandal" for a fourth season and graciously wished his former cast mates the best. On Wednesday, Dec. 10, the actor appeared on "Access Hollywood" to discuss what unraveled him. "I was struggling with drugs. I had a lot on my plate, and you know, I was using unhealthy ways to kind of self-medicate and deal with a lot of heavy-duty stuff in my life. I was doing cocaine and drinking a lot, and trying to balance a 16-hour work schedule a day, and a family, and I just lost myself back then." Short also says the suicide of his best friend, Lee Thompson Young, sent him into a downward spiral because he simple did not know how to handle it. He also admits that his friends from the hit ABC show tried their best to cover for and support him ... until his behavior went too far.READ MORE

Kerry Washington - Getty Images

Divorce Rumors Surround Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha as They're Rarely Together in Spite of Having a New Daughter

Off-Key 14:28PM EDT

Kerry Washington's marriage to Nnamdi Asomugha, a former American football player on three NFL teams, has always been a little bit different. Even the most private of celebrity couples are usually spotted on the red carpet together occasionally, but not these two. Even during awards season last year, when Washington's hit show "Scandal" was in contention, Asomugha was never with her for support. When Washington celebrated her birthday last winter, her husband was on the opposite coast for a Super Bowl party. The birth of baby Isabelle last May has not made the couple closer either, it seems, and now many are wondering if a split could be near. In the past, Washington made the mistake of allowing her personal life to read like an open book and it burned her, so it makes sense she would now fiercely guard her family's privacy. Back in the October 2013 issue of "Glamour," Washington defended her right to silence, saying: "I'm walking around in the world with my ring. And when people say congratulations, I say thank you. But I'm going to continue to not talk about it and just let it unfold."READ MORE

Anna Chapman - Getty Images

Infamous Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Was Ordered by the Kremlin to Seduce Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Off-Key 09:31AM EDT

It sounds like National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is smarter than we realized. After meeting Russian spy Anna Chapman, he was wise enough to resist her charms, likely keeping his eyes on his own personal greater good. While searching for a safe landing spot in 2013, Chapman had made a move on Snowden, under direct orders from the Kremlin. According to a report by the "New York Post," Chapman was directed to seduce Snowden and completely win him over in an attempt to keep him in Moscow so Russian agents could spend some quality time with the NSA leaker. Needless to say, Russian agents would love to know what secrets and details the former contractor was still hanging on to about how the U.S. gathers its information. If Chapman had been able to successfully seduce Snowden and convince him to marry her, then he would have ultimately been stuck in Moscow, unable to leave without permission from the government. In the end, he opted only to meet the infamous spy on one occasion and side-stepped any of her public advances.READ MORE

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