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Genie Francis - Getty Images

Genie Francis Has Returned to Iconic Role on 'General Hospital'

Off-Key 09:40AM EDT

Right on the heels of us learning that Anthony Geary will be departing General Hospital for good this summer, it has also been confirmed that Genie Francis is returning for another spin as Laura Spencer. Francis returns to the soap on a storyline dictated basis with her last visit lasting 5 months back in 2013. GH honchos have said the official reason for her return now is that her family needs her. Executive producer Frank Valentini has the tedious task of writing Geary out of the fictional town of Port Charles in a way that befits his nearly 40 years as a cast member. It makes sense that Francis would play a role in that.READ MORE

Eileen Davidson - Getty Images

Soap Star Eileen Davidson Will Return for a Second Season of 'RHOBH'

Off-Key 09:25AM EDT

The most recent season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was really one for the books, wasn't it? Obviously, it's Kim Richards that grabbed a whole lot of attention for her whacked out behavior while insisting that she was sober. We obviously now know that was simply not at all the case and while Richards currently sits in rehab, some of her cast mates are pondering their future with the show. Soap star Eileen Davidson was new to RHOBH's this season and she really clicked with fans. Luckily, her husband, Vince Van Patten has confirmed that she'll be back for another season on the reality show.READ MORE

Alison Sweeney - Getty Images

Alison Sweeney is Briefly Returning to 'Days of Our Lives' for Anniversary

Off-Key 20:38PM EDT

We told you guys awhile ago that it looked like Alison Sweeney was going to work out a deal that would bring her back onto the Days of our Lives canvas just in time for the shows 50 anniversary celebration and it has actually happened. Sweeney herself confirmed the news by posting a photo of herself on Instagram holding her Days' script.READ MORE

Cameron Mathison, Rebecca Budig and baby Charlotte - Twitter

Rebecca Budig Shares Her Thoughts on Playing 'GH's' Newest Bad Girl

Off-Key 17:52PM EDT

Soap fans were absolutely thrilled last month when it was confirmed that Rebecca Budig would be returning to daytime television. She was last seen on "All My Children" as Greenlee Smythe, an edgy character played to perfection and adored by millions of soap fans that have hoped that she would pop up again somewhere. Budig decided that the role of Hayden Barnes on "General Hospital" was worth stepping back into the fast-moving world of daytime television for and we can certainly see why.READ MORE

Alison Sweeney - Getty Images

Alison Sweeney Likely to Return for 'Days of Our Lives' 50th Anniversary

Off-Key 14:00PM EDT

Could Alison Sweeney be headed back to Days of our Lives just in time to celebrate its' 50th anniversary later this year? Soap fans went crazy a few days ago when it seemed to be confirmed but now we are hearing that the deal hasn't been inked just yet. TV Guide's Michael Logan usually has all of the soap industry news before anyone else and so when he tweeted that Sweeney was confirmed no one thought to question it.READ MORE

Queens of Drama Cast Shot

New Reality Show 'Queens of Drama' Hopes to Revitalize Soap Opera Industry: Vanessa Marcil, Hunter Tylo, Crystal Hunt Among Stars

Off-Key 12:19PM EDT

Some of the most famous women from daytime television are about to jump to prime time in a new reality show that is ultimately aimed at bringing fans back to the world of soap operas. 'Queens of Drama' features six powerhouse actresses attempting to work together to launch their own dramatic daytime series. Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris and Hunter Tylo are all working together with a bit of extra help from Donna Mills, and even Joan Collins pops up. Basically every daytime series from the past several decades is represented by one of these leading ladies.READ MORE

Peter Reckell - Twitter

Peter Reckell and Stephen Nichols Confirmed to Be Returning to 'Days of Our Lives' for 50th Anniversary

Off-Key 10:09AM EDT

Good news for longtime 'Days of Our Lives' fans, as we can now confirm that at least a few characters that were once an integral part of the show's history will be back onscreen later this year. In November, 'Days' will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and as it is so often like to do, the show will mark the occasion with some familiar faces. We now know for sure that Peter Reckell and Stephen Nichols will be returning to Salem, possibly for at least a few episodes.READ MORE

Peter Reckell - Twitter

Peter Reckell Confirms He May Return to 'Days of Our Lives'

Off-Key 16:53PM EDT

Longtime daytime fans will be thrilled to know that an old favorite might be headed back to Salem just in time for 'Days of Our Lives's' 50th anniversary celebration later this year. Peter Reckell has not only confirmed that he is in talks to reprise his role as Bo Brady but he has also asked his fans for their good thoughts to help make this return happen.READ MORE

Days of our Lives - Twitter

'Days of Our Lives' Has Hired New Writers to Save It From Cancellation Later This Year

Off-Key 15:40PM EDT

Fans of "Days of Our Lives" have been really concerned lately because the recent storylines have not been working and the proof has been in the dismal ratings. The most vocal fans have been rallying for change, as they have watched old favorite characters get phased out in favor of newer ones. Apparently the powers-that-be have listened and agreed because a swift change has been made in the soap's head writers. New head writers have been hired to save the soap from cancellation later this year.READ MORE

RHOBH Cast - Twitter

Lisa Rinna Is Reportedly Desperate to Do Another Season of 'RHOBH'

Off-Key 11:40AM EDT

In one of her first interviews for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Lisa Rinna admitted that she will do just about anything to make money in Hollywood. She is a "yes girl" and is hoping to be able to do another season of the hit Bravo show. The reaction to Rinna joining the cast of "RHOBH" this season has been a bit dull, mainly because she is hardly one to really look for fights, let alone cause them. The next few episodes are reportedly going to show a different side of the actress, though.READ MORE

Corey Sligh - Twitter

'Y&R' Corey Sligh Needs to Learn How to Walk Again After Brutal Thanksgiving Attack

Off-Key 12:21PM EDT

Soap opera star Corey Sligh is slowly recovering from a brutal attack that occurred Thanksgiving night. He and his girlfriend, Alisa Berhorst, have made it a tradition to bring Thanksgiving dinner to their friends who are stuck working, and they were doing that when the incident occurred. The "Young and the Restless" star had just pulled into a Rite Aid parking lot and saw two guys in a car speeding, doing donuts while onlookers screamed. Sligh said something to the men and ended up being purposely hit by their car and then brutally beaten. Nearly two months later the actor says he is not harboring any hatred for the men. Sligh spoke exclusively with The Wrap and explained what he remembers after telling the driver to slow down. "He looked me dead in the eye and kicked open his door as hard as he could into my chest. Then I said, 'Look, I don't have any problems, man.' And I walked away, off to the left of his car. That's when I heard tires squealing behind me. I turned around and the car was 3 feet away and coming at full speed. The next thing I know I'm up on the hood of the car, flipping off of the side. I thought it was over. They both attacked me. One guy hit me repeatedly in the face. I looked up and saw the other guy shoving Alisa and [our female friend]. I tried going over there while the first guy was hitting me. I had to tackle one of the guys to get him off and that's when my arm snapped," says Sligh.READ MORE

Katherine Kelly Lang - Twitter

Soap Star Katherine Kelly Lang's Stint on Italian 'DWTS' Not at All What She Imagined

Off-Key 14:12PM EDT

Sometimes things that sound like a fantastic opportunity end up being pretty lousy, even if you are a celebrity. "The Bold & the Beautiful's" Katherine Kelly Lang recently found that out when she decided to join the cast of the Italian version of "Dancing with the Stars." Lang decided to take a three-month leave from the soap she has been on for more than 25 years in favor of trying something completely new and out of her element. Lang recently talked to "TV Guide's" Michael Logan about the experience and, as it turns out, she might wish that she had passed on what seemed like a great opportunity. "I thought it would be fun to go over and compete on a dance program. [Laughs] Well, I was wrong! It turned out to be more of a reality show with dance involved and they really want to provoke you. They want to see your reactions. They want to see tears and anger. And they really want to see you fire back some retorts, which is so not my style. I don't like reality shows at all so, when I realized what was really going on, I was taken aback. I think maybe they thought they'd hired my character. They kept calling me 'Brooke.' I kept saying, 'My name is Kelly!' They had cameras on us during rehearsal at all times but they didn't show my injury on the air — in fact, they wanted to pretend it never happened. So when I was talking to the judges, I had to bring up my injury myself, which made it look like I was playing the pity card. [Laughs] I was, like, 'This is not happening!' said Lang of the experience.READ MORE

Maurice Bernard - Getty Images

Maurice Bernard Inks New Contract with 'General Hospital'

Off-Key 18:56PM EDT

In the world of daytime television, it takes a special character to stick around for the long haul and General Hospital's Sonny Corinthos is exactly that kind of guy. Luckily, his portrayer, Maurice Bernard, recently re-upped his contract with the show and he will be sticking around Port Charles for a few more years.READ MORE

Melody Thomas Scott - Getty Images

Melody Thomas Scott Back to Work on 'The Young & the Restless' After Medical Crisis Sidelined Her for 6 Weeks

Off-Key 14:15PM EDT

Fans of "The Young & the Restless" may not have realized that Melody Thomas Scott has been sick, thanks in great part to her schedule being reworked, but the actress is taking to social media to talk about the last 6 weeks of her life. Scott, who has played the infinitely popular Nikki Newman for decades now, recently was prescribed medication for a sinus infection and apparently it ended up being the worst thing that she could have taken.READ MORE

Vail Bloom - Twitter

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Vail Bloom Admits to Having Serious Drug Problem During Years on 'The Young and the Restless'

Off-Key 20:11PM EDT

If you tuned in to "Vanderpump Rules" last night then you already have caught a glimpse of the newest cast member, Vail Bloom. While interviewing for a hostess job at one of Lisa Vanderpump's three restaurants, Bloom made a pretty solid impression. Even the impossible-to-please Vanderpump thought she was too perfect because she seems so totally together. It didn't take too long for us to get a sense of who Bloom really is and the fact of the matter is that she is so put together because she has already fallen apart.READ MORE

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