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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Janet Jackson, The Cars, Cheap Trick Receive First Nominations for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Buzz 13:20PM EDT

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are always a controversial topic with so many varying opinions out there, and this year looks to be no exception. The nominees were announced Thursday and included first timers Janet Jackson, The Cars and Cheap Trick, as well as notable two time nominees Nine Inch Nails and The Smiths.READ MORE

Amanda Bynes - Getty Images

Amanda Bynes, Johnny Cash and Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes: 5 Cases of Celebrity Arson and Other Fire Crimes

Buzz 14:43PM EDT

Steve Miller found himself in the hot seat when he arrested for disorderly conduct after he lit a pile of his friend's belongings on fire and attempted to fight police who responded to the call (how good of a friend this was seems like a question worth asking). The leader of the Steve Miller Band should consider himself lucky that his dumb decision didn't get out of control. Most of the individuals arrested or charged with the crimes listed below had to deal with much more severe consequences for their actions, including Johnny Cash and Amanda Bynes.READ MORE

Kentucky: a sure thing?

Picking The Final Four and NCAA Championship by Music Alumni: Will Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin or Michigan State Win Out?

Buzz 17:04PM EDT

Music Times attempts to predict this weekend's Final Four basketball games and ultimately who will take the NCAA Championship game—Kentucky, Wisconsin, Duke or Michigan State—by checking out what famous musicians attended the respective colleges.READ MORE

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