Coachella Going Full Virtual Reality For 2016 Festival

By Ryan Middleton | Apr 01, 2016 12:30 PM EDT

With only two weeks until the gates opening Coachella has announced some very big news. With California Governor Jerry Brown signing a last minute executive order 0401 in an attempt to save water across the state, Coachella has announced that the entire festival is being done via Virtual Reality (VR).

Organizers said that they were disappointed with the emergency legislation that shut down the Indio Polo Grounds for the remainder of 2016 on the count that it uses too much water in the desert, but understood and had planned for this eventuality.

The festival issued VR cardboard boxes to ticket holders as a way to premiere new video and 360 degree photo content in the weeks leading up to the festival.

One Goldenvoice source told us, "Now everyone at LCD Soundsystem doesn't have to pretend to know the lyrics to their songs to try and impress the one friend who is a super fan. We apologize to the super fan, but they will be back in Southern California at our FYF Fest and at another 'reunion' tour in another couple of years anyway." The source also added that now Guns N Roses don't have to worry about masking how old and messed up they look for the crowd and live stream since all of the camera angles will be manipulated for the virtual reality stream.

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A different source also commented that nobody actually goes to Coachella for the music anymore, but instead to wear flower crowns, high-waisted jorts and tank tops, which all is documented on Snapchat and Instagram. Despite the anguish that will come from Coachella attendees who will wonder how they are going to make their friends, exes, classmates and co-workers jealous, the source spun into a positive since it puts the focus back on music.

"This was coming anyway, we all knew it."

Users will get right up close in personal from the comfort of their own homes as bands play from the comfort of theirs. A source close to Calvin Harris told us that upon hearing the news that he breathed a huge sigh of relief that he could play the gig without any pants on "just like the old days when nobody knew who I was." 

Ice Cube broke an exceedingly rare smile that he didn't have to actually bring together N.W.A. for this and could go back to being a salty side-kick in movies. 

AEG/Goldenvoice will be issuing refunds at their website here in the next couple of days.

One last thing, if you believed this - GOT EEEEEM. Happy April Fool's Day.

Coachella VR

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Posted by Coachella on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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