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REVIEW: Weezer's "Lonely Girl" Recalls the 'Green Album' Era with a Plea to Dance [LISTEN]



Weezer is addressing the "Lonely Girl" in the room in a newly unveiled song from its upcoming album Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Last night (Sept. 15), the album track was released to Samsung cell phone users, but now it's available for everyone to hear ahead of the EWBAITE release date.

Falling in line with previous Everything Will Be Alright In The End tracks "Back To The Shack" and "Cleopatra," "Lonely" once again recalls Weezer's musical heyday, bringing in melodic guitars and hooks aplenty for the mid-tempo love song.

"Lonely Girl" seems to blend together some of the best moments from Weezer's most beloved albums. There's a "Buddy Holly"-like swing to the beat and the blend of heavy guitars mixed with a soft-singing Rivers Cuomo recalls distinctively "The Green Album" era. Blend in a poppy, hook-filled round of a chorus, and it's an alt-rock musical nugget for the ages.

Lyrically, "Lonely Girl" plays into the idea of the wallflower, whom Cuomo wants to coax away from the wall for a night of dancing and simple romance. "So baby come on / I know how to dance / And I am the only one who ever takes a chance / Give it a try / Not gonna die / Unless you refuse to live and hideaway tonight," Cuomo sings in the opening verse, giving a simple, endearing plea to the apple of his eye.

And who wouldn't want to get down with Weezer?

Listen to Weezer's new song "Lonely" below:

"Lonely Girl" is a new song from Weezer's forthcoming album Everything Will Be Alright In The End. It's the third song to drop from the record, following the debuts of "Back to the Shack" and "Cleopatra." Everything Will Be Alright In The End is set to be released on Oct. 7.

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