Remember last week when we all raised our eyebrows at the fact that Kanye West had decided not only to not spend Thanksgiving with his wife and child, but that he opted to spend it in Paris with his guy friends? Then Kim Kardashian posted some nifty tweets about how happy she was to spend the holiday with her "whole" family, making some wonder if West was no longer part of the equation. Well, we are learning a bit more now, and it seems that perhaps Kardashian's behavior on her trip to Dubai might have ticked off her husband.

According to the Examiner, Kardashian was with a rich man in Dubai for business, and when Tyrese Gibson got a little too flirtatious with her the other man had him removed from the club they were all at. The rules for appropriate behavior between men and women in public are strict in Dubai, so it was not that hard to build a case against Gibson.

Ironically, West apparently had no issue allowing his wife to be a paid party escort, but he did have a real problem with her interaction with Gibson. West reportedly thinks that something might have happened between the two of them and that anger and distrust is what led him to cut out right before the holiday.

This is just one more instance of trouble in their relationship. We have already told you that Kardashian has been upset because she often feels like their marriage is a business arrangement: When she and West finally get time together, all they talk about is work.

Do you think these two are so much alike that this marriage is actually going to make it, or has it been toxic and doomed from the start? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.