It does not take much to see that the marriage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is already under ridiculous strain. The couple spent nearly a month apart and were even an ocean apart for the Thanksgiving holiday. West's being photographed in Paris rather than celebrating with his family led to all sorts of speculation that things are not good between them. Now we are learning that the rapper did reunite briefly with his wife before fleeing the country again.

According to a report by Radar Online, Kardashian and West spent a few rocky days in New York City this past week before he left for Paris. Sources close to the couple say they have hit an incredibly rough patch, and many things are dividing them. Kardashian reportedly feels like their marriage is just a business arrangement and that West puts his new family way down on the list of priorities.

Their living situation has also turned into a major bone of contention, as Kardashian has been living at her mother Kris Jenner's house for nearly two years now. Not only does the couple not have a home of their own, but West reportedly has every intention of making Paris his permanent residence next year, and little North West will be going with him. Kardashian is adamant about remaining in Los Angeles and keeping their baby with her.

These issues alone are pretty huge things for any couple to iron out, let alone the fact that we are talking about West here, who is not a fan of compromising.

Are you surprised to hear that these two are having serious issues in their marriage already? Do you think there is any way a compromise will happen, or will Kardashian have to cave in and uproot her life to keep her family together?

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