June 21, 2018 / 12:17 PM

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Weezer Performs 'Thank God For Girls' and 'Do You Wanna Get High' on 'Undatable'



Thursday night Weezer announced its forthcoming self-titled White Album alongside the music video release of "King of the World," and the band has followed that up with a performance on NBC's live sitcom Undatable playing "Thank God For Girls," "Do You Wanna Get High?" and an after show performance of "Buddy Holly."

Undatable is the refreshingly different show on NBC which is shot like your typical sitcom complete with some pretty obviously placed jokes about becoming an adult, but shot live in front of a live audience -- flubbed lines, poorly-landed jokes and all.

The characters all have qualities that make them "undatable," but like any blossoming adults living in the city, they have to overcome that and find somebody that's right for them.

It's kind of the perfect pair to have the anthemic social reject music of Weezer on to give a sound track to the show.

The band opens the live performance with "Thank God For Girls," the 2015 single release, which we now know is set to be the third track off White Album. It's a great song that sounds like the perfect evolution of Weezer's sound from the band's 1994 debut to a more modern 2015 tone.

"Do You Wanna Get High" is track number five off White Album and it's a chugging stoner rock tune that elicits all those feelings high school or college laziness, when the world was at your fingertips and you could do whatever you wanted. Unfortunately, the band's performance on the show cuts off pretty early into the tune.

Thankfully, a wise audience member was keen enough to capture the after-show performance in which the band ditches the new stuff and goes back to the basics with a performance of everyone's favorite -- "Buddy Holly."

Check out the performance below via Stereogum. The first song opens the show but you'll have to skip to the very end to hear the brief moments of "Do You Wanna Get High."

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