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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 11 Recap: Mendeecees' Jail Sentence, Tara Wallace's Baby [WATCH]



On Monday (Feb. 29), Love & Hip Hop: New York aired episode 11 of their sixth season titled, "The Wait is Over." Many answers were revealed, including Mendeecees' long-awaited jail sentence, the sex of Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace's baby, and more. This post is a recap of all the drama that went down last night.

The results are in and Bianca Bonnie is named the winner of Gwinin Fest XL. MariahLynn and Remy Ma were glad to see her win, while BBOD wasn't too impressed. Yandy Smith came over to congratulate Bianca, which caused her to bust out into tears.

Taking his daughter Whitney's advice, Peter Gunz believes it would be irresponsible to bring another child into the world. He's seen in a doctor's office filling out forms, making fans believe he was ready to go through with the procedure immediately, but he was actually visiting Tara Wallace for an ultrasound appointment. The two are excited to find out the sex of the baby. It's revealed that Tara and Peter are expecting a boy. Peter then decides to tell Tara about his decision to get a vasectomy, but she doesn't believe he'll actually go through with it. Peter told Tara about the vasectomy idea before mentioning it to Amina Buddafly.

Still putting in the last minute touches of their wedding, Remy asks Papoose to meet her to go over some details. He asks about Gwinin Fest XL and Remy is forced to tell him about the incident that went down between Rah Ali and Yandy's friend. Papoose doesn't trust Rah and continues to urge her to stay away from her. Pap is worried that Remy's association with Rah will ultimately jeopardize her freedom and parole.

Bianca is ready to put in that work! Winning Gwinin Fest XL came with its perks, including a dope track from popular record producer Amadeus. He's worked with acts like Chris Brown, Fabolous, French Montana, Jennifer Lopez, and more. MariahLynn and Cardi B stop by her studio session to relive the shenanigans that went down at DJ Self's event. MariahLynn tells Cardi B about Miss Moe Money trying to pop off on her after putting her restraining order against Bianca on blast. Cardi B thinks Moe is a punk for trying to fight MariahLynn instead of Bianca.

Cardi B tells them she's still hesitant about marrying Tommy, because they're not on the same page. Her incarcerated boyfriend does not want her to strip anymore, so she gave that up, but she refuses to give into his wishes of giving up rapping. MariahLynn proceeds to give the girls an update about her pregnant mother. MariahLynn is worried that she'll have to take care of her newborn baby brother or sister and put her career on hold. Bianca tells them to stop worrying about outsiders and make a decision that works best for them.

Remy is looking to pick out a unique wedding band for Pap, so she decides to invite Rah to help her shop. Remy is also determined to get to the bottom of her beef with Yandy. Remy tells Rah that Yandy had no idea her friend had any animosity towards Rah or vice versa. Rah thinks Yandy is lying, alleging that Yandy has been in their presence when stuff went down. Remy voices her concern about inviting both of the ladies to her wedding and Rah says she's willing to put all the negativity to the side for the sake of her wedding. She warns Remy to be careful around Yandy.

It's judgement day for Mendeecees. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. Mendeecees tries to console Yandy, but she can't help but break down and cry. Mendeecees hopes his whole family will remain close after he gets sent away. He's looking to get all his baby mothers together to hopefully get everyone on the same page.

BBOD is back and ready to pick up where they left off. Moe and Sexxy Lexxy are on set filming for their "Hell of a Night" music video, directed by Treach of Naughty by Nature. The two take a break to discuss Gwinin Fest XL and the future of their rap group. Moe denies filing a restraining order against Bianca and Lexxy believes MariahLynn needs to use her free time to work on her rap career instead of investigating court documents. Lexxy then questions the steps they should take to move forward with the group. The girls are currently being individually managed by two women who can't stand each other. BBOD will have to choose between Yandy or Rah to manage them.

Yandy links with Remy to vent about the devastating news she received about Mendeecees. Remy is surprised by how well she's holding it together and hopes the wedding planning will help get her mind off of things. Yandy reveals her plans to throw Remy a bachelorette party, which will involve Remy learning how to perform a strip tease for Pap. Remy isn't too thrilled about the idea, but is willing to go along with it. Remy then brings up the conversation she had with Rah, but Yandy denies bringing her friend around to start a confrontation. Yandy says Rah can come to the bachelorette party and promises there will be no drama.

Tara is finally willing to go public about her pregnancy and invites Yandy out for dinner for the big reveal. Yandy is shocked, because they've spoken several times over the past couple of months and Tara hasn't said a word. Yandy is confused as to why Tara would have another baby by Peter, especially since he's currently a married man. Tara admits that love clouded her judgement. She says she's okay with not being in a relationship with Peter, despite carrying their third baby together. Yandy believes Tara is still fighting for Peter's love, when he's already left the battle.

Cardi B meets with her sister Hennessy and friend Tina to vent about the things going on in her life. In the middle of their conversation, Self walks in and Cardi B is not happy to see him. She tells him that she found out about his showcase through MariahLynn instead of him and that pisses her off. Cardi B still feels like Self isn't supporting her or helping her break into the rap business. Self admits that BBOD handled themselves professionally, which is why he played their song on the radio. He still doesn't think Cardi B has taken the proper steps to get her music heard. Cardi B isn't trying to hear it, hinting that it really has to do with loyalty. She doesn't believe Self is loyal to her.

It's time to party! Yandy throws Remy a bachelorette party to bring out her sensual side. Remy walks into the party with lingerie, ready for her striptease lessons. Before the festivities kickoff, Yandy pulls Rah to the side to hash out their differences. Yandy admits that she was confused by Rah's actions at the showcase, but Rah says Yandy knew she had beef with her friend. Rah then tells Yandy that she doesn't think she has pure intentions with this newfound friendship she started with Remy. Rah then accused Yandy of going after a friendship with Remy to remain relevant. Yandy says their friendship came about naturally after having dinner together. Despite their differences, the two decide to respect the relationship that they each have with Remy and carry out the rest of her bachelorette party without any funny energy.

Mendeecees holds a dinner with all the important women in his life, including his mom, the three mothers of his children (Yandy, Samantha, and Erika), as well as, Samantha's mom. Things get ugly quick when an incident from Samantha's past is brought up by Mendeecees' mom. Samantha's mom jumps in to protect her daughter and the conversation soon turns disrespectful. Mendeecees gets upset and immediately shuts down their confrontation. The episode ends with the hope that all the women will be able to come to a common understanding before he's sent to jail.

Next episode preview: Papoose confronts Rah about being a negative energy source around Remy, Remy talks to her sister about disrespecting her while she was in jail, Peter tells Amina about his vasectomy decision, and Remy's dream wedding day has finally arrived!

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

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