June 18, 2018 / 7:04 PM

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DJ Khaled Delivers The Keys As Undercover Lyft Driver [WATCH]



Thanks to his Snapchat celebrity, DJ Khaled has gone from mid-level hip-hop star who was known mostly for yelling on your favorite tracks, to a bonafide star that has everyone on his album and can shut down streets for his fan love meet & greet sessions. That is what makes the Major Key deliverer an interesting candidate for Lyft to tab for their "Undercover Lyft" series that puts a celebrity behind the wheel of a Lyft car that takes customers to their destination.

Some of the people who get in the car initially recognize Khaled right away, which seems like everyone under the age of 30 would. His disguise is not very difficult to see through. He is sporting a black fitted, black sunglasses and jacket that say's his fake name "Bill." Really Khaled, that was the best name you could come up with?

The people who don't recognize him right away are led down a path of constant clues to the identity of the Snapchat life coach. He is Bill the locksmith, always handling keys. He asks people if they like DJ Khaled, especially the song with Jay Z and Future, because "he has all the keys."

One woman says she finds Khaled corny, which she regrets once she finds out he is driving her around.

He continues to dish out the clues by asking about where one could Jet Ski in New York City and doing his signature "whooooo" sound that he does once he picks up speed on the water. Khaled also notes he would love a lion as a pet and uses plenty of cocoa butter to remain a sex symbol and catch a vibe each morning.


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